What magazines do you get?

It looks like none of you have the attention span to read books so maybe you read magazines. If you get any in the mail postem here…

Here are the only 4 that I get…Any ideas?

You do read something dont you?

Playboy? ooh er, MJK. :laughing:

I get Tatler in the post - it’s a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine: the articles are well written and humorous, which prevents deep boredom setting in, of which I suffer from a lot…

maxim rocks.

Maxim sucks. Its for pre teenage boys. Nothing in it worthwhile.

I was thinking about subscribing to this but its real expensive…I think its around 40 dollars for 6 issues per year…

I mostly get magazines like this:

WTF is that? A Playstation 2. What games you got?

psychology today,jk

I just subscribed to this because it shows boobs but its not a trashy magazine…

N1, Phaedrus :slight_smile:

I don’t get shit delivered thru my door.

You know, MJK, it’s instructive to see what a true intellectual reads.

I, too, have ben wondering just which wrinkle creams work. And I need a little more Bill O’Reilly in my life. And who knew this was television’s golden age. (Oh, that’s right - we’re not supposed to watch television.) But I do need to know how to trust love at first sight.

And here I am, reading The Atlantic, The Economist and The New Yorker.

With narry a boob among them.

Used to read maximum rock and roll.