What makes a freak, a freak?

Dear TheAdlerian, et al,

What makes a freak, a freak?

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“I have personally studied psychology back to the late 1800s and generally a freak for psychotherapy.”

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“You sound like a control freak. Please go away.”

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“Thanks for that message from Control Freak Central”

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“More power freak nonsense?”

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“Freak that I am I enjoy both ‘endings.’”

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“I used to be a success freak and chalk that up the heavy labor past of my family.”

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“Religious people of a certain quality are insane power mad control freaks.”

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“Siddhartha Gautama
Tao Te Ching

All publicity freaks.”

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“Can anyone spell control freak?”

whatever he freaks about, he most surely gets his freak on.

Vote Freak Power!!!

A freak is defined by whatever desire/personality designed the quoted post.

coming soon from kellogs…

Frosted Freaks


Freak Loops

far too freekey fer this freak…



Well frig me if I’m not the freak that I am, but I’ve stumbled across another friggin freak post.

Well fuck that.

Siddhartha ia a book by Herman Hesse. Guess that is why TheAdlerian has licence to call him a freak. No such person exists.



You and Xander are like anxious premature ejaculators when it comes to me.

That’s a real name given to the main figure in Buddhism, anyone as spiritual as you should know that!

You need to stop going to India and really go there baby, spiritually speaking that is.

Just because you find the name on a website, doesn’t make it true. There is a great misconception generally speaking surrounding his name. It’s not your fault, you are simply regurgitating something you heard somewhere along the line. A classic case of broken telephone. Gautama Buddha’s name was Prince Sudatta, family name Gautama. Later he was known as Shakyamuni (Sage of the Shakya Clan) Siddartha is a character in Hesse’s book. But don’t believe me, what do I know?

Don’t pretend to know me TheAdlerian. You have no idea why I go to India or any other place for that matter. None whatsoever. And it is you as usual who attributes the label ‘spiritual’ to me. I make no such claims.


I think that it’s far more likely that Hesse took the name from accepted mythology about the historical character.

Wrong again.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” - Inigo Montoya

The title character meets a man early in the book who, although unnamed, is much more of a dead ringer for the Historic Buddha. Hesse’s Siddhartha is distinctly unique.

Your language usage is silly.

Silly language for a silly man.

I think it’s the avarta, Ad. Why not try putting on someone attractive? Like the beauty that was on my avarta last week? Or even phaedrus’ soft porn, you know? Brother Egg likes that kind of stuff, no?

Well I do enjoy looking at beautiful and scantily clad women. While I have no particular interesting in photos of Nietzsche.

I have no particular interesting in photos of Nietzsche

No particular “interesting”… The last time Uniqor said that was five years ago when he couldn’t spell out the English alphabet in the right order.

I do enjoy looking at beautiful and scantily clad women.

This doesn’t sound right. We shouldn’t be content with mere “looking at”. We should feel agonized to look at beautiful women, whom we have yet to gained the right of ownership, or access. Women walking down the streets shaking their parts, want to be looked at in a glance, they don’t want drooling eyeballs bent out and fixiated on themselves. For them, to get attention is a means to an end. Brother Egg, conscequently do not make this means an end for yourself. Otherwise, you are not repaying the beholdings in your eyes in the proper way. To behold a women is to want her but not getting her. This is exactly what she hates. This is perversion that stands in no justifiable place in sex. “What women hates most: the iron is not attracted onto the magnet”, Nietzsche.

Start learning bro. If not Nietzsche’s philosophy intitially, then at least observe the man’s well-grown and well-cut moustache. But you’ve got to not only to resort in “looking at” women, otherwise no moustache may grow in the first place…

It mirrors your slippery behavior.

If Nietzsche was scantily clad would that help?