What makes a person's worth: Inferior or Superior

I mean what makes a person a worthy person in the first place and what makes one person worth more than another assuming one person is worth more than another…

Like you might say that maybe Angelina Jolie is worth more than Jen Aniston because she saves lives and does good will and has adopted three needy children. Or just because she is better looking or kinder or whatever.

Or you might say that Mrs. JOnes actually has no worth whatsoever and consider her inferior to everyone. And maybe you are right? Or are you wrong? Maybe only psychopaths are worthless and inferior or serial killers are definitely inferior and worthless?

Or are they? Or are they not? WHat makes anyone have worth and what makes anyone superior or inferior to another if at all possible? Why or why not?

I’d say that it’s contingent on what you’re defining worth as. If it’s the ability to help other lives, then worth is a function of that.

But what if the other lives are worth nothing? What if life only has an instrumental value, at best? If life has no inherent worth, then the people who prolong or save it aren’t necessarily worth any more than the people who discourage or end the lives of others.

I’m inclined not to go along wioth the ‘life = worth’ value judgement, personally. This is because I don’t know that existing life is any more valuable than potential life.

And it would then follow that people who make more babies are worth more than people who don’t. And the guy who impregnates 10 women a year and kills two of them is “worth” more than the guy who impregnates none and saves five from certain death.

It’s an interesting question. I’d be more inclined to follow certain early utilitarian pleasure/pain arguments, but I know the sghortcomings of those also.

I personally act like there’s a value to human freedom and life, even if there is none. I support charities and send money overseas, etc… but I’m not sure if that makes me worth anything, or if the lifes it helps have any value either.

very interesting question.

yeah, it’s relative to what ‘worthy’ means to you…
I guess…

Worthiness like beauty is very subjective…its depend on the system of values of the hero/ine and the admirator…as to be my answer…
For women who have been left by their man for another prettier, younger, etc woman they will without hesitation prefer Jennifer over Angelina for reasons of relativity…l doesnt matter even if Angelina would
adopt the whole planet…she will always represent the dark ugly side of woman for them…
as for beauty some people might prefer the look of the girl next door over the look of an exotic woman …for plenty of reasons as not feel threatened as one…some people love simpler things simpler look others
like exotic and out of the ordinary its all depend
whats build up the worth of one person to another one is the capacity to relate…some people revel in bad ass so any bad boy or bad girl will become an instant idol …others revel in goodness, and any kind of benevolent and charitable actions one might pose, will be regard as worthy…
Saddam Hussein was worthy to some and evil to others…
Mother Theresa was probably internationally applauded but few ridiculized her even gossiped about her selfless deeds and even doubt her sincerity?
worthiness is in fact another abstract quality that can be build or destroy depending of whom is looking at it. and in which context,which epoch…
What is for one culture, one religion, one philosophy, one principles in life will be different for other cultures, religions etc and that axis will be the culminative point of the whole WORTH value system…

]WHat makes anyone have worth and what makes anyone superior or inferior to another if at all possible? Why or why not?
what makes anyone have worth is YOU…only you can figuratively speaking put some worth on another human being…and of course the masses (who cant think for themselves and are led by one greater mind)
will worship whoever the media or a leader will tell them to admire.

But then I guess I am wondering if you dont go by a legal standard and you dont believe in God or religion…if people treated you inferior all the time, what on earth would make you think you were not? I mean what could you possibly tell yourself to believe that you are not inferior and that you are just as worthy as everyone else.

Then if you feel that way it is because you believe those who make you feel worthless are worthy…you need to make change of what you think of yourself and what you think of others…
Listen ,the masses just dont really know what is worthy if they dont have the media , some religious leader or head of country directing them…
often people are not worthy of appreciation while they are alive and when they suddenly die…the mentality of the masses changes…eg Marilyn Monroe…while she was alive she been taunted, debased, hated more often than truly desired and now she is an icon…it is quasi the same thing happening now for Anna Nicole Smith, and VanGogh who was shun as an artist and now he is the most “worthy”…so who the hell would give a damn what the masses think when they are constantly exploited for their weak intelect?
the only person that matters is you …and if you want your ego/soul/spirit to survive what you think of yourself is what matters … the only legit and authentic kind of worth…

but how can u think highly of yourself when there is nothing there to thhink highly of

by thinking lowly of everyone who thinks highly of lowly things, I then think highly of myself.

like Socrates

Girl, just by rereading what you wrote you have a very synthetic low self-esteem…test your degree of goodness every day, do an action that will ease the life of another one…could be… only a smile …to a sad stranger walking by,
pet an animal who isnt pet enough, talk to someone that others have rejected, feed some birds, water a plant that is wilting …there are so many occasions to be good, kind …and gradually those actions will help you rebuild your self-esteem naturally…because you will become important to all of those whom you have eased their discomfort with a smile, a caress, some crumbs, some water…
bit by bit you will rebuild your self worth…

There are no superior and inferior beings, there are simply more powerful and less powerful beings. The capacity to destroy something less powerful, as in myself smashing a glass milk bottle, doesn’t make me superior, it simply makes me more powerful.

However, on the other hand, violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived. The capacity to destroy something else (whether exercised or not) is the basis for all historical change, like it or not. By ‘destroy’ I don’t necessarily mean kill, though killing is a big part of human history. I also mean an immense subversion, as in enslaving. Which is also a huge part of human history. I found it utterly ridiculous that last week (or the week before), the British political and media establishments had a grand back-slapping ceremony celebrating some reasonably long period of time since the passing of the act that abolished the slave trade in the British empire. A lot was made of whether PM Tony Blair would actually formally apologise for slavery, and when he didn’t, a lot of fuss about the fact that he didn’t. This is a man who led Britain into two wars. Do you really think he gives a toss about Africans and others who were enslaved two centuries ago?

It is also typical of this government and our unsuspecting media hacks to overlook the fact that the celebrated Act did not outlaw slavery, oh no, only the trade of slaves. One could still enslave people, one just couldn’t sell them. It wasn’t until nearly 30 years later that slavery itself was abolished in the British empire. And all the while completely overlooking the very real racism and existing slavery (particularly sex slavery, which is even more disgusting and worthy of fighting) in the present day.

The modern use of violence is, it seems to me, all the more hypocritical than it has been in the recent past, at least in my country. Violence being the primary definer of inferior and superior beings.

howd violence get into it— i just wanna know what it is about my essence tha makes me worthy

The answer to your question…You had written it in your first post…you possessed all the time the answer to your question Philosophygirl!

what it is from your essence that makes you worthy? your last words…

according to Einstein “Only a life lived for others is worth living”

and to Johnny Depp "There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”

Both seems to agree a person worth is value mostly by her or his service to others…love and care of others…
your analogy that Angelina Jolie was worthier than Jennifer Aniston
was right on…

amount of power/ability = your worth to humans, be it used for bad or good.

Seeking self-esteem through others will only make you feel worse about yourself. Only you know who you really are and what really makes you worthy. Once you have figured that out, take pride in it. Only when you can revel in your good qualities can you truly feel good about yourself. It is meaningless to compare your worthiness to others’.

Right. Never compete and never compare. We are born “worthy.” It’s nice to have people’s love and approval–but even without it, one can still accept and enjoy one’s self.

Assuming that you would measure a persons worth by if you had to choose one over the other, consider this:

Who should be able to judge a persons life?
Is it fair to be able to say that that a killer’s life is worthless if they killed to protect?
Where do we draw the line between a saint and the damned?

To me, a soul is not worth more than another because we each have a brand-name, over the counter, soul which cannot be exchanged or refunded.

You asked about inferior and superior beings. I answered.

‘Essence’? Worthy of what?

The more someone is like the ubermensch, the greater they are.