What noise annoys an oyster?

Any noise annoys an oyster!

What is this burning sensation in my throat?
Why am I thinking about idealism and this George Berkley character.
I like the fact that I’m running everyday.
I dig my inner rhythm.
Its been fun writing short stories lately.
I’m trying to sublimate my sexual impulses, Neechee style, but the porn is free.
Maybe its free because THEY are trying to rob my motivation.
Who the feck are THEY.
I saw someone else use the word feck and I stole it.
I do create a lot of words that people use from me, like skoot your boot, so I guess its only fair.
I wonder what that girl is doing right now
maybe crack
maybe drawing with markers on her leg again.
her son is named jaden and she thinks its an orginal name, but I already heard it used elsewhere.
Tonights pretty peculiar, but hey . . .
Stop Reading my thoughts.

clam flatulence


Is it true that oysters are still alive when you eat them?

What noise annoys an oyster?

How about the mention of any month with an “r” in it.

I don’t know why!? I enjoyed reading this!

What day annoys an Oyster? Friday