What powers Earth

Is Earth nuclear or electric?
f Earth is powered by nuclear energy it will run out at one time,
if it is electric it can exist as long as the Sun.

One hundred million hampsters on one hundred million little wheels hooked up to one hundred million tiny turbine engines.

the Earths core(i assume the core is what you are referring too) is a complex or simple construction . no one knows for sure what happens at the core. but i’m leaning myself towards a plasma state. and is therefore not nuclear.

what powers the earth to do what?

whatever your anwser to the question above, the answer to your question original is always - the will to power

To spin, silly.

Yes, one hundred million ambitious little hampsters on one hundred million little wheels…
Step one: spin the earth
Step two:…<blink, blink>…
Step three: gain all the power

As simple as that, to spin?

Gravititional force, silly. :smiley:

But you see, this force could be of the same nature as the others, it hasn’t been proven yet, but I believe that they all can be unified - as everything is continuous. As far as everything is, the first nod is always the will, the will to power - no will, no power.

<stammers, mumbles, scratches head>

“Fuck! I am an idiot!”
“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted a theory that involved mass quantities of hampsters. Damnit Dr.Satanical.”

just trying to be witty here aren’t you?

the fact is that i offered you the rather telelogical nietzschean will to power to be considered in relation to this physical matter, when dr santatical offered you the joke to point out that gravitition is the simple, official anwser to your question

(more nietzsche for the witty ones: he who seeks wit has no wit)

man i’m in love with nietzsche these days, and no the adlerian, i’m no homo :wink:

Short answer: momentum. It’s always been spinning.

Before the was the solar system there was a spinning ball of gas. It was spinning because more of the particles were going one way than all the others. This is because there was some randomness at the begining, which is the limit of my knowledge.

Anyway, the spinning gas started collecting a spots that eventually became all the solar system objects. Watch little wirlpools go down a drain for a metaphore. So the earth spins thusly.

Eventually the orbit would completely degrade and the earth would fall into the sun. In fact it’s degraded already. But long before that happens the sun would go red giant and swallow up the earth. So there is not much point in worrying about it. Execpt that maybe if we found a way to add energy to the orbit we could get out of the way- but freze in the process.

The spinning is due to conservation of angular momentum. The weather is mostly powered by the sun. The rest- well, love makes the world go down, right? :wink:

conservation of angular momentum?

isn’t that the theory that says things that get bent tend to stay bent?



Thank you for all the intelligent suggestions!
It sounds silly but the closest one is the hamsters.
Here is my theory. The core is iron, it is spinning in a field of cosmic radiation creating a magnetic field what generates electric current on the surface of the core. This current melts the surface of the core and surrounding rocks.

Sounds like you based your theory on the sci-fi clinker, “The Core.”

This is theory is many years old and started somewhere in time when I learned about electricity and the possibility of current generated in a circlurel wire what eventualy can melt the wire.
The real problem with this idea is that if it is true than activity changes in the sun will effect earth without coming even close to earth. Incresed strength of solar energy will melt earth from the inside.

Umm this is my theroy, the electric power you refer to is caused by the earths rotational spin and the inner and outer cores spinning differently, this field helps protect our planet from solar radiation and the such, the nuclear is really nonexistant on out planet though when it was first made there was enough uranium to start a chain reation for a millinia before stopping its remaints are still in africa. but the earth when being made by giant asteroids colliding caused alot of heat and this heat made the rock into magma which is the core but the crust of the earth protect life from the eat and acts as a giant insulator effectivly keeping the earth from being both and ice ball and a burning fireball, as some of the earths geothermal heat seeps through the crust at places… ok next the sun is nuclear that is was type of nuclear we are striving to control at the moment a bomb could tell you but i think its hydrogen thats the fuel and it uses fission which is what scientists wanted at room temp not at 10000000 degrees celcius. so the sun from the atoms spliting and joining and all makes heat and the high levels of heat strips the positrons from the neutrons and the electons making plasma (in a solar flare usually) of which one pound could power the U.S. for 1 or two days but anyway the sun is contantly growing from all this and willl eventually encompass mars as a orange sun the as a red for venus and finally red for earth but the red is drastically cooler than a yellow sun so it wont devor our planet before it collapes from the gravitational pull of its self creating a supernova vaporizing mars and burning away jupitors atmosfer and scaring saturn maybeeven uranus. after the sun collapes it will form either a black star or a black hole, hopefully a black star which might once again support life. but even if the astronermers are wrong about the sun the earth will eventually spiral into the sun and before that the moon will hit us because asteroids and light from the sun and space dust and just about any inert item floating in space will be hit by the earth or moon cause it to slow and then the moon slowed will come in a closer orbit to the earth spinning faster from a law of motion that alone will cause chaos on earth as tides will surge onto beaches and they will be higher from the proximity meen will stuck at sea for it. So after reading this you will think of the phrase as i do, there is more than one way to skin a cat or a illion ways to die with no way out but death… i and going to go curl into the fetal position now and cry… but before i go the earth is powered by the sun it warms us and lets the pretty flowers grow and then burns them later once the sun makes the grass grow with blood animals eat it and we eat both happy happy death…

Yeah, but if one of the hamsters die or trip - or get off completely and start screwing another hamster on another wheel - we’re in trouble.