What purpose ego?

Firstly, i suppose there are those who would assert that there is no such thing as ‘ego;’ that consciousness as a matter of Being affords self, and to call up ego is to mistake the image for the thing. They will put on their neitzschegloves, smile polite like, and leave it at that; not realizing that their image of the gloves comes to them as icon alone; really, there is blood on their hands. Worship is that way.

If there is ego, then it grew up outside of itself; it has a place in self. Whenever it is refered to it is as something deluded, something in error, and the nature of the error is described as many things, many detrimental properties of ego. How to imagine ego outside of its error? what context is appropriate for an ego free of error?

Imagine human community before there was ego; just as notions of self are comming on. Utensils, jewelry, and icons to gods that help to ensure a certain functionality. Things become more complex and that complexity contains information and understanding that is benificial to the ecosystem; proceedural knowledge, not the knowledge of knowing, not the knowledge of ego. Ego grows up in this, so that a person can know his place in community, so that he can have meaning; to support the greater complexity that is so fecund.

A necessity of ego, even for a king, is humility. An ego must be humble, it has no right to arrogance; no right to first night. The light of the sun is the knowing of ego; but it is only True inside of a proceedural knowing. Popular culture breeds arrogance; it makes understanding impossible.


As I understand it, the ego is the beginning of the soul of Man. It is what unites our inner life with external life. If man were “normal,” the intellect, emotion, and sensations would be connected consciously and their unified impressions would create and develop our ego as a unity and beginning of a soul…

But as we are, in this fallen state, there is no conscious connection. Everything is connected through imagination. This imagination creates a corrupted ego that is a deformity in relation to what the ego should be.

Our wretchedness is the corruption of our ego that does not allow it to function consciously. It is our potential, our greatness that such inner unification is possible through the sacrifice of our imagination: “Know thyself.”

Ego sits in your prefrontal cortex. People with this area damaged lack ego’s, or selves. Ego is a function, as Ainslie puts it its a Network server for the various reward systems.


This placement in the prefrontal cortex you describe is the result of the degeneration of ego . This “computer in your head” is trying to perform a conscious function it is incapable of. The result is imagination.

I think that what you describe can be more accurately refered to as ‘self;’ i see you equate the two, and i see no reason to constrain our perspective to just that possibility.

I think the self you refer to is a wave equation/boundary condition within/placed on the prefrontal cortex; different personality=different we/bc. But a personality is not an ego; an ego, as i see it, is an image of self, an iconic representation in the neocortex that is a relatively minor aspect of self.

The point of the original post is to discuss meaningfully how one might get around the error of deluded ego. The reader is invited to adress the original post.