What quality or virtue do you most admire?

For me, it has to be wit, the capacity to make someone cry with pleasure using nothing more than sounds

Large breasts combined with low moral standards.

“Pre-determined” empathy towards others.

Welcome to Mundane Bable, Tom.(this is your first time here, isn’t it?)

I’m going with the first post. Humor really is an amazing power.

patience or self discipline, both of which I could use more of.

Yeah I like humor too… it’s so mysterious.

I think that is an accurate description of what most males are looking for…I think it would be somewhat difficult to have a conversation with a loose penis so maybe you should rethink your desires

Personally, as a female, I am looking for someone with depth and is able to keep a conversation and their convictions no matter what I believe to hold true.

Courage would be mine. Everyone has some, but the ability to just hold on to everything you desire with everything you’ve got.

Although humor would be a close second.

breasts of any size will do really.

your in an argument with a guy you just whip those babies out, argument over.

Oh good lord, someone thought I was serious? I was kidding (about the large breasts).




As much honesty as we have capacity.

now for my real answer;

a child’s enthusiasm towards everything they like.

humour is a good one as well.

and I like the three answers above mine alot.

intellectual bravery combined with
intellectual humility

Un-me-ness. See, if there was another me, I’d hate him simply because I hate people who embarass me, and naturally, me, seeing me as an arrogant asshole would try to embarass me, and I’d have 2 very embarassed me’s on my (our?) hands. lol.

Someone better who doesn’t act like it. Not false humility. Somone who sees value in people obviously inferior. Someone who could kick my ass, but won’t. Because see, if I can kick your ass, I will. :stuck_out_tongue:

delightfull unpredictability

I may be in need of upping the medication because I understood this completely.

Does anyone knows of that Schopenhauer quotation, something about if you are modest and talented you are a liar, but if you are modest and untalented you are simply being truthful?

It’s phaedrus’ sig