What schools of thought contradict each other?

I don’t know the schools of thought: monism, dualism, empiricism, rationalism…

What schools of thought contradict each other? I need to know this for understanding the basics of philosophy. and to be able to say, ‘philosophy is a closed system. Philosophies do not mix.’ for example, Monism and Dualism are opposites (I think and please correct me) what are the other opposing schools of thought?

Human genes conflict.

For example, programmed to want to live, and also programmed to decay/die.

This inner conflict goes out, and is in the world now too.

Life destroys life, but wants to live, as it is self-contradictory in this nature.

It is circular, generally a trap, made by some really shit-headed alien engineers. It’s programmed never to leave its boundries, it’s generally trapped in its own circle. And it gets worse, too.