What should one know in order to be an intellect?

What should one know in order to be an intellect? This very vital question has no answer I think. And moreover, the one who cannot answer this question holds no moral authority to be a teacher. Are they?

Lot and lots, basically. About everything.

I think a good knowledge of history, politics, philosophy, literature and probably a couple of languages makes someone a worthwhile intellect.

Perspective is everything. Intellects without a broad general knowledge tend to get bogged down in the pointless intricacies of their subject (a very high percentage of academics worldwide fall in to this category).

Knowing is not enough to be a true intellectual. Irregardless of what one knows, one can never know enough if your state of being is not that of a true intellectual.

In other words, one cannot ‘become’ an intellectual for the sake of being, rather, one must ‘be’ - from the core of their being.

Understanding is key to becoming a true intellectual, otherwise one is merely an erudite. The two are not the same, although they may be interchangable given one’s realization of one’s self.

Knowing one’s self and self-honesty, which tends not to be a popular concept within Western society as a whole (true honesty, not what one ‘thinks’ is true about one’s self), is the first step. Self-awareness and self-knowledge are the foundations for an intellectual lifestyle, otherwise the rest is but dressings upon the windows.

How is a solid house to be build and expanded upon without a solid foundation that is one’s inner self?

Become well-rounded. You know that “high-school” place where people went to “learn”, yeah, places like that.

One does not need moral authority to be a teacher…Intellects learn from everyone, even small children and animals… I would say moral authority is only essential if you would lead or mislead people… If you are an intellect you seek to free people, and see them with the information to make reasoned or healthy choices…Knowledge has authority over all…Truth is our master… To seek another leader, or to be a leader is a fools sport…

How to make a good powerpoint. Actually, you might as well know the whole microsoft office suite. And some basic logic. Just the simple stuff. Things like the difference between “valid” and “sound” and all that. Yeah, I think that about covers it.

its better to know what you dont know. all genuine knowledge or wisdom results in the wider broadening of that which you realize you dont know than that knowledge which you actually gain.

learning to recognize the essential questions is key. this can only occur when one has a sufficient knowledge-base and sensitive awareness to life and self. extrapolation and application of common concepts and principles within new spheres generates multiplicities of experiences and perceptions— these lead to a saturation of potentials within the inquisitive and open mind, forcing it to explore outside of its limitations and horizons. only if one has first aquired a subtle and powerful awareness, as well as a very deep sense of integrity and personal honesty with onesself, will this process not result in further dogmatic isolation, intellectual stagnation and a petrifying of the mind.

awareness is key. awareness preceeds intellect.

once we sufficiently explore new experiences and potentials, once we immerse ourselves in these experiences and extract crutial commonalities and principles, once we learn FIRST HAND and out of NECESSITY what these “truths” entail for us and our lives, then we begin to sense and see the larger questions. in that we see though the bullshit “deep” questions of religion and philosophy and into the truly transcendent unifying nature of all levels of reality. the only way to begin to ask the real questions is to see through the illusory nature of social and religious indoctrinations.

and learning to ask the truly important questions and see where one is at present within this overall framework is the measure of a true intellect.

Like the word genius its not a self bestowed title, so one needs to know nothing exactly, just be well regarded for your thoughts. It’d probably help to have a PhD or be regarded as an authority on something by training but its not necessary, after all Buddha didn’t nor did Gandhi. It probably also helps to be fairly wise as well and not 19 years old, because if you are then not unreasonably people will see you as a whipper snapper and not take you seriously as an intellectual giant, although again this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but generally if you’re young you are probably a bit green on most things. Education is no substitute for real world experience either. Unless you are a career academic, obviously. :smiley:

I was pretty smart about some things when I was nineteen, but I could not figure out a condom, so that explains kid number one… Mostly my mouth was smart and the rest of me was efin stupid… Time isn’t enough, and books are not enough, and experience is not enough and intuition and insight whatever the difference, is not enough… You need all, and desire too… You need to need it, and one thing I can tell you: You might speak like a holy man or oracle… The young only listen to their dicks… I should have gotten a head set so I could have stayed tuned in full time…It does not matter what you know… You can only give away what people need and are willing to take and use at a particular instant… Take my advice man…I’m not using it…

That one MAY in fact have to - and be willing - to sacrifice something that is profound in oneself for the sake of knowledge.

Sexuality is profoundly a part of self at a certain stage of ones life, and it blinds us to too much…In the republic, Plato likened it to madness…Well I was a mad man…I am still a little crazy and might be more so if for the simple fact that no old man can be a good lover, but can perhaps be a good man…There is no place I have been in this country like a woman… There a man may find himself… We are dieocious, and check my spelling, but the word means both house… Women can be individual women, and men can be individual men; but only together are we an individual human being…What sort of man would I be without a woman teaching me to be human???

Women and men are individuals as women and men, or dioecious as you say. And it is a lovely sort of romantic thought that only together we are one individual human being but this is of course not true. We still remain individuals, unless I am not getting your meaning here. Do we complete one another - yes of course we do.

Arct…We cannot be individuals because that would mean we are identical… As Uncle Fester said: She’s a girl and I’m a boy… We got nothing in common…So we are similar… We are not the same, so men can only be individual men, and women can only be individual women… The word means that it cannot be divided, but in a sense we already have been divided by nature…We are already more complex than a microrganism, but they are individuals in a sense, not needing to say please or thank you for the right to reproduce…We need to make a deal which is a skill many have lost…But together we can fulfill the full function of an individual, and that is self replication… So what if we have to cooperate??? We gain the advantage of another brain, and almost one of everything else… Without the opposite sex, we are sterile…Is sterility the mark of an individual??? So I say, only considered as men and women are we individuals, and only together are we individual humans…

Your IQ score.

I aced my IQ test – got a hundred! :wink:

Seriously, though, I would guess that a foundational requirement to being truly intelligent is not to strive to be “an intellect”, as ego always seems to have a dumbing-down effect.

awarness of the self

compared to the general public

first it does have an answer , above

a teacher is not so much about intellect but about the enjoyment of knowledge and the ability to communicate clearly and simply to students with respect

hmm - what happened to teachers teaching how to think?

So you would say that the differentiating factor between being an 'intellect" and being “truly intelligent” is Ego? :-k

Don’t know, but all the do over here is teach people how to pass exams and that’s about it (which makes the government look good), that’s why our school education system is the worst in Europe outside the Eastern bloc. The upshot is there are a lot of well qualified idiots.

Really - England’s school system is the worst in Europe, do you think? (no pun inferred :laughing: )

Sadly, over here too there are not many I would daresay brilliant and loving teachers who want to teach how to think. But i may be wrong in my assertion. But I would say that the ones who ARE are truly wonderful.

I don’t think I know, they did a study on level of education between certain ages across the board, and we bottomed out. Only managing to beat former communist countries with a poor infrastructure. I don’t think even a brilliant teacher can do much if all he’s told to do is hand out former exam papers and have the students study those for much of the course. Of course because its so competitive as well some teachers have been known to leak actual exam questions. Not that it matters the education level of people attending top universities is falling too according to Oxbridge, but their A’ level results have never been better. Sad really, at least University education is still pretty good I suppose.