What Soul Type Do You Have?

I agree with gib for the post part, Wendy. I had about the same experience which he did. The way some of the questions were shaped made it rather difficult to give an honest answer. I clicked in “3” kind of often myself because as humans we are, at least I am not completely this or that. Some things are simply not so black and white.

These things are not an exact science - and I think that it is true that some will sometimes be lured in to click in a response that shows their selves in a better light though I may be wrong here.

I don’t consider myself to be a spiritualist or a leader - I don’t want to lead or follow. I can kind of understand where the “educator” part came from though I don’t like that term either with reference to myself.

I kind of enjoyed the hunter…

One can be honestly unsure or unconvinced.

As is the way of the skeptic and agnostic.

I meant unsure of yourself, more so than your surroundings.

Hunter 8
Caregiver 6
Creator 11
Thinker 13
Helper 10
Educator 5
Performer 10
Leader 10
Spiritualist 8

The low score for educator is a little surprising, otherwise the spread is pretty unobjectionable. I wouldn’t say I’m a super spiritualist, but I found those questions skewed toward a conventional understanding of what it means to be spiritual.

I wasn’t so much speaking of my surroundings, Wendy, as much as I was speaking of how we think, how we allow certain quick impressions and biases to rule our perspectives and our beliefs. We are not always aware of what more there is to be seen and reflected on.
We tend to forget or do not want to see what is below what can be seen of the iceberg. We want our answers quickly and the solutions to our problems resolved “yesterday”. We think too quickly without leaning on the side of caution and skepticism.

The results of such quizzes don’t say much about one’s soul.

I agree. That quiz points more to one’s personality or even character.

If one can call the psyche the soul, one would have to dig a lot deeper, much deeper to define the soul.

One has to dig a lot deeper to find what “soul” could be. So even after that very deep digging, one will not be sure, but one will be more satisfied than before that very deep digging, So, one has to dig even deeper and deeper.

So then what are human beings looking for when they say soul?
The one which supposedly leaves the body after brain death and ascends into the heavens and awaits their turn of becoming another incarnated human…

Or the one which is a part of the human self and defines each individual separately as a result of his or her Earthly journey and experiences, the one which continues to grow and to change making the human a new and different person?

Whatever human beings may look for “when they say ‘soul’”, it is not the point. The point is that they believe in the soul.

This is where it ends? With belief? I would say that belief is the beginning of the story.
Examine the belief. Examine what soul actually means.

Belief is never an end.

Belief ought not to ever be an end but for many it is Katrina.

What is a soul anyway? Other than conjecture, who has seen, measured, found any evidence of such a thing beyond anecdotal beliefs?

At best, I can say I am aware of being alive and I suppose I could paste the label soul on that, but anything beyond that is building the stack of hay looking for a needle.

Because you do not know what a soul is: do you know what a psyche is?

Hunter 16
Caregiver 15
Creator 13
Thinker 13
Helper 12
Educator 13
Performer 13
Leader 14
Spiritualist 10

I wonder at all of my scores being so close together. With the exception of Hunter and Spiritualist, everything is within 2 points. Did anyone else get these kinds of numbers? I don’t put much stock in these kinds of self-evaluation tests, but I do find it a curious bit of fun.

Yup. It is another word just like soul made up to pretend we know what we don’t know.

Tent, I think that it is a far easier thing - though nothing easy about it - to seek to discover and to know our own individual psyches.
It is like seeking to discover and to know the vastness and depth of Space.
But it is more worthwhile at least to me than to discuss a soul which we can never know anything about but simply choose to believe in.

We do not discover anything when we automatically chose to believe that we know what we can actually never know.
But the psyche is like the final frontier. We are all Captains on the Star Trek Enterprise going in search of ourselves. lol

Arc, you know I’m not exactly a metaphysician so some of this is… I realize that we have to plaster words all over just being alive but that duality is part of why we never arrive at the just living part. Letting go the words is also letting go the I-me perspective which we label ego. THAT is the final step into your frontier and freedom.