What Sparks Your Philosophical Thought?

I highly doubt that we’re constantly in a state of questioning and wondering, so what does get you going? Is it something specific, or simply a random occurence that makes you reflect a bit?

And how often do you do this a day? By “this” I mean retreat into your own thoughts and examine actions, thoughts, occurences and find meaning or reason to them - or anything else you can call philosophy.

It usually “occurs” while exercising. Always by “necessity.” There “is” an “anxiety,” an “emptiness,” a “?!” about this whole “thing” “I” “seem” “to be” “doing,” that “I call” “life.” I’m not one who likes to be snookered, and I love control, so I start to get suspicious about the colorful sphere wrapped around my head that wants me to believe I’m a “person” on “Earth,” jogging “down” “the” “street,” until every “word” is in “quotes” and I blow my own mind. By necessity I cobble together something “called” a “philosophy,” and it makes “me” “feel” a bit “more” in “control” and less “snookered” for “a” few “days” until the “quotes” come “back” and " “” " " ‘’ “”“” “” '“”" “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”"flatline.

Prodigious amounts of marijuana smoked out of a six foot bong I built and named Watson. I do this fairly frequently throughout the day to keep up the “High” that smoking weed induces. And mark you, this is not the simple low grade “Schwag” breed of marijuana, but rather the high end stuff like Sweettooth and G13. I find that smoking weed puts me in a fairly nice deep thinking mood and I’m better able to ponder the great mysteries of the universe.

Quotes like this:

I think his external condition may be better, but not the man.
The best man is both free and good.

Regards, :confused:

What he said… cept my pipe isn’t that big :confused:

But to be honest I think about things pretty much the same sober, for me it usually stems from humor…that’s ALWAYS what sparks my curiousity with life in general, puns, displacement… I love all that shit.



Because I can.

The most terrible thing for me is that my own philosophical thoughts immediately spark up another string of thoughts, relavent or not. This makes it quite hard for me, especially when my exceptionally bad memory kicks in, or rather checking out. Things are getting better now, I’ve been trying hard to keep a certain routine metaphysical ideas out. Nietzsche is the easiest one for me to read. Firstly metaphysics are nothingness there. Secondly whatever issues are sparked up when reading a line of him, I often find that the next line kind of anwers my questions. I fear those who inspire me, who do nothing much except to eventually nihilise my stances. I love Nietzsche, for he teaches and satisfies me.

Conflict. Hard times basically.

Social conflict produces great art, philosophy is an art