What the... does this dream mean?

Some mllion years humans (including some ancestors of homo sapiens) lived together with wild animals. Since about 6000 years humans have been living together - more or less - with pets and other harmless animals and not or hardly with wild animals. You personally have never lived together with wild animals but merely with pets and other harmless animals. So there is no other sense behind your dream and no other (mostly paranoid or megalomanic) interpretation of your dream meaningful than the simple fact that there is a discrepancy between your species memory and your personal memory. What did you do at the said day before you went to bed, Mags?

Arminius, The dreams she is having may not require personal experience with wild animals. Personal memory may be hidden from an abyss, or type memory, whereas, as far removed we are from the origins, they are still intricate parts of the overall content of our sub conscious.

On some level, MagsJy, to me your dream seems to be about first impressions. First you thought it was a bear and then discovered that it was a jet black lion (sounds beautiful) groomed like a poodle. But then you mentioned his “fragile” frame like it was an anorexic lion.

The fragile frame part might have to do with our sense of powerlessness at times not being able to affect something difficult (as in the closed door) and we give up too easily (so he toddled off). I think that at times, whatever the reason we have a particular dream, the reason for that dream could come about from something which occurred or we thought of or saw even weeks or some months before. These things remain lodged in our brain and maybe certain things bring them about. But of course it could also be something which just happened that day too.

I used to have this recurring dream about lions… thankfully no more. lol. This or that lion would be chasing me and I would
be running for my life and screaming and just at the moment that I was about to open a door somewhere for safety, the lion would pounce on me and I would wake up screaming.

I did not say that Mags had personal experiences with wild animals. Please read my post. I said Mags had no personal experiences with wild animals. …
And “sub-conscious” (?): well, you can interprete anything and everything with “sub-conscious”. That’s pure arbitrariness.

That’s just the point, having or not having experiences with wild animals is irrelevant. Dreams of them still come up and they may mean something.

whatever the sub conscious is or isn’t, is another name for that something where the meaning may be hidden.

This is why people ask what dreams mean, even if the don’t go for formal analysis.

One has to be very careful, because there is no real prove or evidence for your statement that “dreams still come up and the may mean something”. One could also say that dreams mean nothing, because there is also no real prove or evidence for it. We merely have our own experiences and the knowledge of our ancestors. The rest is arbitrarily interpreted.

That is true to a certain extent, dreams may or may not mean some thing. However, basically, Ibdo not believe in the concept of nothingness. I feel even not dreaming at all may mean something. As long as there is some content, meaning is there, because the question is inordinately asked why dream at all, if not for some purpose? The purpose may be minimum a discharge of accumulated energy in terms of symbols, but why these symbols and not others? That is for the brain to answer and symbols are not a function of pure neurological mechanisms.

Yet the animals we dream of can have some relevance orb wouldn’t you agree ~~ based on the characteristics of those animals, especially if we know and understand those characteristics.
For instance, lions are fierce, ferocious and strong. Being afraid of a lion in a dream could point to something “real” in our life which we think of as fierce and strong and something which we fear.

If we had a dream of being chased by a little lamb, would we run from it? If we had a dream of a little lamb or of holding one in our arms, it could be possibly about our selves wanting to embrace our more gentler humbler natures, right? lol

Thanks for your interesting replies. As the waking vision was only envisioned this morning, I will digest all your comments and respond fully tomorrow.

Yes,Arc, for a paradigmn example, The Doors lead Jim Morrison, during his famous Lion pictures are representative in his poetry of this idea in a loose way. To get to the other side is not easy. For him, it meant an early death.But he was burning to get there, nevertheless.

The purpose is a neurological (thus biological) one: information processing in order to keep the living being neurologically alive.

You mean evolutionarily-wise?

Yes, the hidden meanings at once become exposed, the connection between realities attempted to be correlated.

To give You an example. I had a dream two nights ago, and this is off track Magsj’s train of images, but would like to diverge a bit. I dreamt that I was in a dream, dreaming, knowing that it was only a dream …
That’s strange enough as it is. This was an image dream, innotherwords thinking in visuals. That I was in this beautiful trail. Then I woke up, and could not place the trail. Then, forgetting about it, decided to have a hike in an old park, I hadnt visited for over a year, and it reminds of that painting I have which is so much like it by an English romantic artist.

I started my hike, and suddenly realized, the trail was exactly the one I had seen in my dream.

it seems it went full circle, from dream to dream within to reality. This is a type of dream, which is goal setting. I am astounded , that we are here talking about it, as it were in a sense a continuation of the process of linking dreams with reality.

This seems to be the basic function

I am none the wiser…

Well, here is something for the juices, may-be, and this is a long shot, between Your first and the next or the preceding dream. I read through both of them,ms canning the first because I remembered it and one thing struck me.

That there is one element that is present in both dreams. it is the door. NIn the first Yiu saw a door opening which left in a bird. A bird represents freedom.

In this subsequent dream You speak of a dream closed,mot prevent a wild beast from coming in. except they come from different doors, but that really does not matter too much at this point. If Younwould have said one door was from the back the other from the from, I would not have hesitated to equivocate the tow doors with the subconscious and the conscious respectively. but one is from the garden and the other probably a private room. But even here, the bird comes from the outside, and the beast is already inside, meaning it impart of You. The beastnYounare considering is inside already, and You are fearful, and trying to set up blocks (the door)’ boundaries. There is someone in there to whom You feel resistance, and feel that You may have let some one in, who may have not come close to Your expectations. I do believe 2 dreams can be correlated, in fact, any 2 dreams can if there is a common imaginary.

If, Magsj, You may want to disallow the connection between the two dreams, even then questions of freedom/vs/bondage enters the picture indirectly.
The free bird of the first is in stak contrast to the hedged in feeling elicited by having to keep out.
So indirectly it may actually mean the same thing, regardless of the different timing of the two dreams.

My interpretation is, hence, that You Have experienced a change of some sort, which impedes Your appears to freedom to an extent. what it is who knows, maybe only You, but the gamut can run all the way from a slight insignificant irritation, to a truly awful even horrifying being or event.


“Da steh ich nun, ich armer Tor! // Und bin so klug als wie zuvor.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Faust”, 1790 / 1808, S. 27.
Free translation:
“And here, poor fool, I stand once more, // No wiser than I was before.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Faust”, 1790 / 1808, p. 27.

Interpretations of dream contents are never certain.

They certainly inflamed Wagner’s heart to believe Goethe that Faust did not sell his soul, he just made a bet. The door that you enter in the front, could be the one you exit in the back, depending where the front is. In fact, the front could be the back.

Very helpful thoughts there, Orb… thank you.

As I typed, I too realised the significance of the door in each dream… although the second dream still remains unclear even though it depicts such a precise scenario - no-one was hurt in the imagining of this dream and all characters are fictional :smiley: