What the... does this dream mean?

The problem is that people often think that dream contents are problems, but they are not, because the brain tries to solve problems which have been experienced in the past - how near or far this past may ever be - for the (plaesure of the) person('s life) it belongs to. A brain has to neurologically save the person('s life) it belongs to. That does not mean that dream contents are not interesting or have nothing to do with reality, but the Interpretations of dream contents are less or even not part of any problem solution but more part of the problem or even the problem itself. So you would have a new dream content in order to solve the Interpretation of your last dream content …, and so on …, if you believed (too much) in the solution of interpretations of dream contents, so that this belief can become a new religion. :wink:

The modern religion is something like an ideology, and the modern deities are Idols, false gods, for example such as dream interpreters or therapists (both formerly known as shamans). So a modern areligious person would have to be one who has nothing to do with this modern religion, because this modern religion is also a modern kind of superstition.

Dream contents themselves are no problem, but they can lead to problems, if the interpretations of dream contensts are the problem.

One should nevertheless talk about dreams but not in the sense that they are expected to do wonders. Brains do wonders! They are neurological, thus biological.
Maybe that a more neutral statement can come again from Goethe:

[list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list]“Man suche nur nichts hinter den Phänomenen; sie selbst sind die Lehre.”
Free translation:
“Search nothing beyond the phenomena, they themselves are the theory.”

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Wilhelms Meisterjahre”, 1821-1829, # 43.[/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u][/list:u]