What the... does this dream mean?

Sounds like the looking glass self to me.

The advice is good but your interpretation is too literal. All emotions and feelings are yours but every image in a dream is not you. Emotions rise from relations between you and something else; there must be something else too.

For instance, the dog in Mags’ dream can have been one of those oblivious characters which seem to have caused the overall content of the dream.

I am not being literal at all. It is Mags’ dream and I did not make any claims as to the relevance of the objects in her dream. Every image in a dream is the dreamer unless the dreamer believes in spirits (animal or human) that interact with them when they dream or that they believe they enter another plane of existence when they enter the dream world. I say this as some people believe this and I am not here to reject these ideas (I am open to discussion but others may not be that open).

I have been having a series of short dreams just before arising for the last few weeks, but can’t quite remember any of them but one.

I had another series of waking visions a week or so ago… these ones were not cryptic at all, but I forgot to note them down, so cannot recall what the content was #-o

The only thing I do recall is that their sudden appearance in my head startled me due to catching me by surprise while I was in the middle of going to do something.

I had a pretty crazy dream a few months ago too. Subconscious messages man…

Do you recall what it was Artimas? oh… and welcome back :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:. Well it started with me walking on this beach, there was a wall about two, maybe three feet tall right at the edge of the beach and the ocean’s waves were crashing up against it, not too hard but small ripples. There was this little girl sitting on the edge of the wall looking down into the water, so I walked up to her and asked her who she was and I told her who I was. She said her name was Marcas or some name similar to that. I asked her what she was doing out here on the wall and she replied “I am fishing for pearls”. So I said oh, that’s pretty cool. She then handed me a black pearl and it was perfectly round and dark black, a bit shiny as well. So I was looking at it in my hands, I dropped the pearl into the ocean water near the wall on accident, right under where I was standing. So I decided to jump in to grab it because I saw it sinking to the bottom slowly and i knew if I let it sink there is no getting it back. So I jumped into the water and grabbed the black pearl real quick and then all of a sudden the ocean started pulling me out slowly and I started to go further out into the water, so I panicked slightly and began swimming as hard as I could diagonally trying to get back to the wall, eventually I got back to where I could grab the wall and climbed up. After that I was just standing there with the black pearl and I woke up. The little girl might have said something else when I got back onto the wall but I don’t remember.

it was also very sunny out and what one could say a perfect day, blue skies. Water was nice, blonde sand, and tree’s a bit further back in the distance, south of the wall i’d say. I guess one could say it might have been an island maybe? The little girl was either very tan, or not caucasian.

This definitely sounds like a meaningful dream.

It reminds me of Turd’s story about sleeping on the wall by the ocean in Hawaii: http://www.ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=144085&start=2825#p2553328

He even talked about a girl who wanted to sleep with him. The dark complexion of the girl in the dream might reflect Hawaiian ethnicity.

Have you been reading along in that thread or is this pure coincidence?

Anyway, have no idea what your dream means, but these are the items that I think probably have some significance:

  • The name Marcas (or Marcus?)
  • Pearl is black.
  • Dropping the pearl by accident.
  • Being able to see the pearl through the water.
  • Getting pulled out by the ocean.

Also, the image of your dream looks a lot like the pic of Through the Looking Glass that Wells posted. Another coincidence? If not, and if you’re not bullshitting, would you be Humpty Dumpty?

No, I read nothing of the thread you mention, I did not even know it existed… and I never seen any pictures of any of it… I wasn’t reading about any hawaii or anything either… I don’t remember her exact name, but it was like Marcias… or something very similar to that… it was along the lines of Marca or Marci though, it definitely started with an M and had “Marc” in it.

I didn’t even know a wall around beach areas existed, I just assumed it was normal… it wasn’t very high up or anything, just around a 2-3 foot wall… it was big enough to keep small waves down, but small enough to sit on it and still reach into the water and climb back up it if you fell in…

It’s still the weirdest dream I have ever had so far.

I enjoyed reading about your dream Artimas… it was like reading a fairytale book, which I used to read most days as a child, and the escapism was much sought… to me it read as something will occur in your life that will stop you in your tracks for a short while, but the favourable weather conditions indicates it will be something positive.

The child indicates innocence.

The pearl indicates purity/nature.

The weather indicates a good outcome.

I would say that you are reaching a turning point in your life.

What does it mean that the pearl is black?

After the dream… when I woke up I looked up what a black pearl meant… this is where I looked it up and found a meaning, but who knows for sure.


I saw the black pearl (pertaining to Artimas’s dream) as being something rare/unusual as opposed to the more abundant white pearls, and that pearls are created through an irritant but evolve into something beautiful and sought-after.

I have had no waking visions in recent weeks, but the next ones I do have I will be sure to note them down, as they are quite odd things :open_mouth:

I have none either , recently, and it means, they are there but not significant.

[size=200]How very apt…[/size]

The occasional night visions still persist… creating a mosaic of images and emotions that don’t seem to have a clear meaning - they are too abstract to be memorable.

Funny, this reminded me of Bible thumpers looking to the Good Book for some guidance or inspiration. Some of them have this game where they flip through the Bible at random and pick a passage. Whatever that passage says, they commit themselves to interpreting it as the answer to their question (or problem, or predicament, or curiocity, etc.).

I’d say at least 50% of this process is invention. You’d have to invent at least half the solution to your problem if you’re going off something as arbitrary as a random passage from the Bible or a horoscope–at least half.

But this is not meant to denigrate such a process–this is probably why it works so well. The horoscope/Bible provides the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing, and from there you must take over and finish the job, being in the best position possible for this task seeing as how only you know yourself well enough to understand you’re current life dilemmas, your history and background, your mental proclivities, etc.

Is it as disturbing experience? An exilerating one? Neutral?