What the hell is EQ?

I have only heard about Ever Quest maybe six months ago. But now I’m very curious, I know its a game of some sort. But it seems like there are some really obsessed people on it.

Oh, for a second I thought this was going to be about the concept of Emotional Intelligence, anyways…

Everquest is a MMORPG.
A Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

Fans and detractors have labels it EverCrack because of its addictive qualities.

It combines the basic format of an RPG, like Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation, with some of the social interaction of a game like Monopoly. It involves the tricky issues like ‘cooperation.’

City of Heroes is supposed to be a much better MMORPG.

Go to any electronic gaming store and the workers there can give you plenty of details.

Rafajafar yesterday refferred to it as such. haha EverCrack.

Everquest 2 looks amazing. I’m sure it’s probably just as boring though. It’s just so pretty.