What the hell's going on in Boston?

Seeing messages about prayers going out to affected families in Boston, then keep reading my Facebook page to see this: vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ in a friend’s post, then one of the replies to her initial post:

From what I can gather, six bombs identified so far, half failed for whatever reason to detonate.

They were deposited in places like garbage cans.
Police are unfortunately using controlled explosions on the rest, instead of lifting prints and tracking parts.

Psychological profile, single adult male, leftist extreamist given the high explosive yield coupled with the synchronized attack… which is idealistic-strategic use of left hemisphere thought. He was nancy and unsure of himself, and backed out of setting the rest if the bombs off once he saw the police and military swarm. His struggle between knowing to lay low, and the need to escape given he’s almost certainly taped depositing the bombs, and the egotistical need to anonymously take credit for his cause puts puts him under arrest within a week. Police already claim a suspect of interest.

Slight possibility this is middle eastern or conservative… typically Muslim bombers in America are too incompetent to pull this off, and we haven’t had a right winger since timmothy mcveigh, who fit the description otherwise exactly.

I give it a week, fucker is going to be hiding in Toronto thinking he gave everyone the slip, then boom, his ass arrested.

condolence to the injured and dead.

The next issue is, who is responsible?
I am guessing homegrown terrorist and not al-qaeda
and the reason for that is al-qaeda lives to take credit for these things.
As the attack happened three hours ago, and no one has taken responsibility
suggest to me that it is domestic. The very act of terrorism is the act of sending
a message and part of the message is the time and place of the terrorist act.
Is it the liberal Boston being attacked? What is the message being sent?
Which leads us back to who is sending the message? Many questions and few answers.


How many mafia-type groups are in and around the city?

so who is sending the message and most importanly why?
Why would the mafia types send this type of message?
It doesn’t make sense. No, it still seems to be one person
or a small group trying to make a point and what is that point?


Mafia? What?

False flag to distract people from international news like the stone cold bombing of that civilian wedding.

Stay pleb, plebs.


Yea seeing as how there has been no domestic terror threat at all. Except for the propaganda that keeps repeating ‘domestic terror threat.’

As someone who watches no TV, it sure is easy to tell who can’t turn it off.

Stay pleb, pleb.

Police were running drills for bombing today in Boston where…surprise, surprise, there were actual bombs.

Just like literally every other false flag.


This post I provided a faulty link.

…to distract from a bombing that happened in July 2002?


Woops. That is obviously the wrong story.

So what’s the right story for which the Boston bombing is a distraction?

Man they fucking ghosted that story. Or at least, I can’t find it, but I assure you it happened.

There you go. This is the world we live in.

Can you remember anything about it?

It was a wedding where the US killed civilians.

I think in either Pakistan or Afghanistan.

But you think the U.S. government engineered the bombs in Boston?

I think it’s more likely that criminal factions within the government engineered this. Look at it: no one has claimed responsibility. It’s some failed thing which also lends credence to the fact that it was a government op.

And then there is the fact that, just like with 9/11 and every other false flag, they were running a drill that day for the same thing. That is the real marker here.

If you are in the military and you’re set to do some ‘terrorist training drill’ where you simulate a building being bombed or something, I suggest calling in sick that day.

I predicted Gobbo would be here claiming false flag.

Will need to look into this more myself.