What (today) is the World’s Biggest Problem?

What (today) is the World’s Biggest Problem?

  • 1. Terrorism
  • 2. Communism
  • 3. Religion
  • 4. Environment (pollution, forests, global warming, etc)
  • 5. Capitalism
  • 6. Politics
  • 7. Nationalism
  • 8. Exploitation (of people and resources)
  • 9. Social Dysfunction
  • 10. Peace (lack of)
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It occured to me that we have problems in this world.

So what is the the biggest problem in the world today?

EDIT: Each person can vote for three topics

Nationalism and thinking we can own the planet

I modified the poll… thanks

Well, it used to be that the world thought that Tim Allen was funny…

Now, I guess I’d say that the biggest problem is nationalism. There are just too many countries. I mean, does anyone really know why Belgium is still a country?

I edited the poll once more to allow each person to cast up to three votes and you can change your vote (re-submit).

Sorry, I cannot add Tim Allen

Capitalism, its need to exploit people and resources to survive, and the politics that successfully keep it in place.

Given this, however, the world’s biggest problem is loss aversion. People seem to prefer the crap we put up with because it’s so much better than worse systems than Capitalism - and overthrowing it is seen as possibly disrupting people’s lives for a bit.

i would have voted for shitty parenting, but that wasn’t an option

Agreed with the shitty parenting thing but I have only 10 options with the poll (that is the limit).

What is the cause of shitty parenting is?

The primary cause of shitty parenting is shitty parenting.
Dad was shitty cuz his dad was shitty cuz his dad was shitty, etc.
I imagine, all things considered, the average parent today is at least marginally better than the average parent a century ago.
Still, just because it’s better doesn’t mean it’s good enough.

What then is the cause for better parenting?

i’m not sure what your question means.
are you asking what you should do to cause other people to be better parents?
are you asking what causes certain individuals to be better parents?

Sorry, at least I undestood my question.
I am asking …

I am not a parent and so know nothing about this topic.

well i don’t quite know either, but i imagine if a parent actually genuinely cares about the well-being of his or her child, they would find a way to access the tons of material, much of which is FREE, on what good parenting is.

I’m not sure what to call what I’m thinking of. For now I’ll call it “caring attention”, or “warm attention”. It’s the ability to make connections, pay attention to details, have a sense of both detail and big picture at the same time… and yet for the whole thing to be imbued with warmth and care.

I haven’t thought this out fully, so it’s kind of a half-formed thought for now…

Thanks Anon. That sounds like a sense of friendliness (how I understand it). Is this an appropriate word to describe what you are suggesting?

Thanks Humpty. I guess that means that the cause of better parenting would be the desire for a parent to become a better parent. This is driven by the care of their child and the wish to become better for the benefit of their child. This would then result in the seeking of information (I guess as I am not a parent). Is this accurate compared to what you think?

Along with this, I think what many parents fail to do is consider their child as an individual. Many people don’t take the time to get to know their children, but only when you know your child can you figure out the areas in which you need to guide them, and the areas in which they should be trusted to make their own decisions without guidance.

roberto----these arent the biggest problems.
human behavior and too many people are my choices.

Rising energy costs and starvation… Of course, starvation is also a solution.

i agree with this completely, as you know :wink:

[size=150]ATTENTION[/size] all humans- Abort the mission.
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Report back to central command for rebooting.

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