What type of water do you drink?

The human body is mostly water.

What type of water do you drink, and why?

(Tap. Filtered tap. Mineral. Distilled. etc)

There are many people who are convinced that one label tastes better than another label, and better than no label at all, but I don’t buy it. To me, since they are made of paper, they don’t taste like much of anything.

I drink filtered tap water (the filter is built into the fridge) at home, and unfiltered tap water at work. Tap water is regulated much more strictly than bottled water, is tested for contaminants multiple times per day, and it also has flouride which is good for your teeth.

If I’m on the run, though, I found that Nestle PureLife tastes the closest to my fridge water, which I like the best.

I was drinking filtered tap too. We don’t really have fluoride up here in Canada. There is some stuff, though. So I figured I would try just buying massive jugs of distilled. It tastes awesome. Liking it so far. I figure that I can get the minerals I would otherwise get in tap water just by breathing in the aerosol particulate metal sprayed above my city, near-daily. I’m not all that convinced you need the ‘minerals’ in water.

Seems like the purer, the better. After a couple of weeks I will be… ‘highly conductive’ shall we say.


Same, although on the run I just go for whatever is cheapest to find, which, because I usually carry a bottle (and if I’m hunting for water its probably empty) this usually just involves finding a tap / water fountain.

Mostly I drink unfiltered tap water, and I also drink a little bottled water when in the car or out and about. Around here, tap is completely safe because it comes from lakes that are all higher than people.

Tap water because where I live has some of the best in the nation. Doesn’t have a smell hardly at all, and I can grow hydro w/ it and I don’t even need an RO filter. Comes out of the tap at around 120ppms and ph of between 7.7-8.1 depending on the day and the temp. (my ph meter isn’t temp compensated so it’s probably more consistent than that).

Boiled tap water, or water from a water cooler when at work…

Boiling water won’t do anything but kill the germs inside; it doesn’t eliminate chlorine and stuff.

You so crazy.

I only drink government mandated water.

With a seal of approval by the FDA?

I just drink whatever comes out of my faucet, I don’t brush as often as I should maybe thats why I have good teeth.

You ever think that maybe the fear of flouride and that is a conspiracy? To convince people to buy something they can get for free.

Tap, usually, but occasionally bottled. I usually carry one of those stainless steel water bottles, so tap is convenient, and free.

Think of it this way, sunscreen is good for your skin, but it’s not that sunscreen gets eaten. Likewise, just cause flouride is good to put on your teeth, doesn’t mean you should swallow it. The fluoride you put on your teeth is actually fluoride. The stuff in water is a different compound; it’s basically the byproduct of aluminum. You definitely don’t put that on your teeth. So why drink it?

Did you forget, or just not hear about how this year the US government admitted there were too many health problems associated with putting one of the most toxic chemcials we know of in drinking water? They, earlier this year, lowered it from 1.2 ppm to 0.7, which isn’t great but it’s a move in the right direction.

I shouldn’t have to explain this stuff. It’s like explaining why you shouldn’t eat dried paint chips. Take a step back and just think it through. Is it so hard to believe the government would, after seeing that it was effective in Germany—and especially after bringing their scientists over here after the war—put stuff in the water to make the citizens docile? It’s not. That’s the irony of trying to explain this: some, maybe not you, but some, cannot process what is being said about their water, due to the water they are drinking.

If you’re think fluoride, in any way needs to be in water, you are wrong. They did that in Nazi camps. It makes you dumb. That’s pretty much accepted. Let’s get with the program here, people. It’s not for your benefit.

Im neither docile nor sick so… then again i live in a rural area, maybe the waters different.

That’s like saying that because smoking hasn’t given you cancer yet, why not continue smoking?

Try like a week of non-flouride water and see how you feel. I promise you it’ll be worth it.


If I took the contemporary path to whats healthy a lot of things would be differant. I have not taken any form of (neither cough drops,pepto bismol or aspirin) medicine sense I was a boy and I haven’t had the flu sense I was 8. The only time i’ve been sick in the past 12 years was due too food poisoning. I also haven’t been to a doctor sense I was 10. Im not a proud person but if there is anything I am pleased with in my body it would be my immune system it has kept me Healthy for a good 12 years. Perhaps my genetic makup has a resitance to the negative effects of flouride.

Maybe i’ll just start boiling my water.

Boiling water won’t remove the fluoridation.

But I will say I’ve tried it both ways and . . . noticed no difference. The fluoride thing is an old conspiracy with no real basis in fact. Too much fluoride is in fact bad for you but it is pretty much impossible to hit those levels while drinking tap water.

The whole fluoridated water thing is a capitalist conspiracy and is really harmful. We have a super cheap, super clean source of water available to everybody. Capitalists don’t like that, they want to sell you water at 100x the price. So they tell you that tap water is bad for you from a variety of sources (while also defunding water treatment plants to make tap water worse for you).

There is a water conspiracy, but fluoridation ain’t it.