What up?

What up, guys? It has been too long since I last posted on these forums. I do not have a working computer anymore (hope to get a new this summer…), school has been busy, work is demanding…you get the idea.

I still browse the forums here at least a few times a week — it’s just that I never log in anymore.

At anyrate, I still alive and kick’n. Good to see you all. :wink:

The birth rate in Africa.

My cholesterol level.

The cable bill.

The vertical direction normally refered to as “toward the sky and/or outer-space,” but of course that’s relative if you were in China right now. My god, I think we are lost in space.

And of course, anything to which one might refer to signify the use of the direction reference, as in the case of “look, BMWguy, that apple is up there.” However, there are several problems with this at the outset. What is the difference between a “here” and a “there” where direction is relative anyway? What if I was above the apple and you below it? Is it truelly still “up there?” But what if I was above the apple, but below you, as I sat in a tree in china while filming you a live image of an apple that hung on a branch above me, but below you? If I said it was “up” there, while you looked at it on the video screen, it would indeed be up there relative to me, but down there relative to you, even if you are looking at an image of the apple on a screen that is one the video recorder that is below the actual apple it is filming.

This is a serious mess, dude. Thanks alot.

Don’t forget…

Imp’s sarcasm level

Keep on truckin’ BMW-Guy!

Keep on car-ing BMW guy

(they don’t make trucks!)

Hello F(r)iends,

Technically the BMW X5 is a truck (even though it is an SUV). It is an excellent ride and pretty affordable an the entry level but if at all possible it is better to get the mid level 4.4i (it’s worth the extra $12K).





This place is still rolling along as always, providing the angry and the confused with a place where they can be told off for insulting people who don’t agree with them.


imp, have you EVER had a serious post? (with the exception of that last one, i’m sure you weren’t pissed off when you applauded.)

yes, I have thousands of serious posts…

and no, it takes a bit more than that to piss me off…

but I do have a healthy sense of humor and I am not afraid to show it…


I remember a serious post by Imp a while back. It was about… no, wait, that was probably one of his ludicrously complex puns that take me a month to get…