What was it?

Recently no doubt you have experienced something that is pretty interesting, what was it and why was it interesting? Digress if you will…

I don’t acknowledge my existence unless it’s interesting, but sometimes it’s too interesting.

As the Chinese say by way of the worst insult they can muster: may you live in interesting times.

I have to study veterinary subjects from time to time. The most recent: nutrition.
The results led me to be curious about human nutrition. In both I found interesting lacks in prepared foods. The most interesting was this one:
umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/su … henic-acid

In virtually all cat and dog foodstuffs at work and at home it was not a part of it. From the expensive “healthy” food to the cheap stuff. I checked our pantry , milk, etc. Anything that had vitamin and mineral listings. Nope nothing. I bought a bottle of it and began adding it to dog and cat food for the ones with severe skin allergies. They are improving, hair is growing back, skin is normal color…
Take a look at the site and see what it is supposed to do… I find it interesting that it is omitted from our foods and animals… This is leading me down a path of further research to see what else is deliberately omitted in commercial foods. I can guess why, can you?

Interesting Kris.

I have to create every day as a total novelty as a miracolous gift

I have known that it is a legacy I have to bear, as things that happen to me NEVER happen to anyone else :neutral_face: