What will make Plato's Republic possible?

The warrior & philosopher class should not be human.
That’s impossible today, but eventually it could be possible.
After the human brain was completely mapped & understood, it could be modeled within a supercomputer, with the “Freewill” removed.
“Warriors” would be the un-and-coming “war-bots” of USA [less expencive, more effective then human soldiers].

If & when places like the US use Robotic military units and AI governing systems, then the US will basically become Plato’s Republic.

The only problem will be that the “slaves” will not be controlled by the civilian mass, the “slaves” will instead be owned by the elected leaders. If the elected leaders deside to turn into tyrants, none of the democratic mass will be able to stop the super-human-soldiers, and none of the democratic mass will be able to out-wit the integrated AI “philosophers”.

sir killalot and mr psycho would agree


Space for pilots within tanks and jets causes the unit to be larger and more expencive.

This is a capitolist army, so what ever costs less will be done.

Unmanned vehicles are already used partially, but far more frequenctly – they will be used in the future.

ever watch robot wars?



some technik feats that i found impressive:

a real transformer (robot kind):

youtube.com/watch?v=STQ3nhXuuEM& … =1&t=t&f=b

and quadripedic motion (freaky to watch):