what would happen if...

This is a just-for-fun thread.

What would happen if all neurons in your brain started firing all at once and at their maximum capacity?

This, of course, probably can’t be answered scientifically, so feel free to speculate (and be creative).

Example: You’d suddenly achieve enlightenment and have an omniscient understanding of the universe… and you’d have telekinesis.

You would be on acid.

You’d probably pass out due to sensory overload and mass confusion.

You would probably experience the light-headness feeling that happens just before you pass-out. After that you would probably be damaging some brain cells.

Of course, I will probably murder a couple of brains cells tonight just watching banal images flicker from my television. :slight_smile:

Seriously, how bad could it really be? :wink:


Agreed, seizure.

Milk would shoot out of your nose :laughing: