What Would the World Lose Without God?

For this post, I’m asking you to use your imagination a bit, and be as honest and realistic as possible.

The year is 2200, and humanity is still thriving. We’ve survived global warming, and a nuclear holocaust hasn’t wiped us off the planet.

Religion, in its current sense of the word, can only be found in history books. Every educated and major nation, and the people therein, are atheists. The children study how people used to believe in a personal God in their World History classes, and read about how countless people spent countless hours in church, in worship, etc. They learn that people once believed morality to be tied to religious belief, that people died, and killed, solely because of their belief in that personal God, etc.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., have all vanished off the face of the planet; however, the atheists in these nations still explore spirituality by means of meditation, yoga, and further advancements in the mind-body connection.

My question, for atheists and theists alike, is what disadvantage do the people of this world have? Would the people be less happy? Less motivated? Would God be missed at all? Would there still be a select few that, after being raised atheist in an atheist culture in an atheist nation, deny atheism and resort back to theism?

Read some Campbell, take two pills, and call me in the morning.

I’m serious. I imagine you’ll largely disagree with him but it will help provide a framework for discussion. While I’m not a Campbellian in any meaningful sense, my father is and he’s influenced me enough to say that, well, I’ll quote one of my favorite monarch’s butt-buddies, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”

This reminds me of the “Go God Go!” episode of South Park. Everyone on the planet (including the sea otters) are atheists. They have all divided themselves into several atheistic factions in which they ridicule the other factions about how illogical their particular science is. They say things like “Oh my science!” instead of “oh my god”. At first the satire seems like a pretty decent prediction for what an all-atheist world could be like. But then at the end they turn up the funny-meter and show that the main reason that the sea otters are against all the humans is because they believe that it is illogical for the humans to eat on tables when they have a perfectly good “tummy to eat on”. forehead-slap

The only reason humans would be harmed by the loss of religions and gods is if they failed to realize that it is not the gods that determine morals and such, it is humans that determine morals and such. A common misconception of atheism is that it is some sort of frustrated stance with a god of some sort, where the atheist believes that the god is real, but he is just mad at the god. But if the god isn’t real in the first place then you have lost nothing.

Perhaps people fail to make that “leap of intellect” because they know it will take a long time to replace the notion of a god in their minds. Can you blame them though? They’ve spent their whole lives living without knowing how to apply the scientific method, without learning how to apply skepticism, and simply listening to figures of religious authority and just taking what they say as fact without challenging it. A whole life of that is hard to turn around. But hey if anyone is willing to make the leap of intellect, I’d be very happy to bring you up to speed with reality.

They would have ever disadvantage in the world imagined. It would be impossible to completely wipe religion off the face of the earth.

the world would lose realistic dirrection


Thanks everybody for your responses. I am sincerely looking forward to hearing more.

Yep, that’s the episode where Richard Dawkins gets ravaged by Ms. Garrison. I thought it was hilarious as well. It did leave me wondering if people would ever really be as emotionally attached to the scientific method as they are religious belief, considering a pillar of science is an open mind and the openness to the possibility of being proven wrong at any time by new data. It seems science thrives on being the most right with the evidence provided.

What do you mean by “realistic” direction? Do you mean that there would be really no purpose to the world any more?

This sounds like a cliche bumper sticker. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “itself?” What do you think the effects would be?

This is the inevitable future… except for the yoga.
We’ll just call what was yoga, “stretching” in the future. :laughing:

None we do not have now.

They will be happier.

I believe they will have more motivation and creative thought than the mindless sheep of the present world. They will be motivated for themselves, not as we are now where people are under the illusion that they are motivated by a metaphysical cause, when in actuality they are motivated for themselves.

He might always be missed by some because mankind created him out of loneliness.

There will always be crazies that want to propose some dualism/pluralism or departure from reality. But the sad truth for them is that there is only monism. ONE!

The death of God in Western culture was followed rapidly by the death of man, the person, and/or the self. With the death of the self comes the death of the world. With the death of the world comes the death of culture. That’s where we are now. :frowning:

??? WTF :confused: :confused: :confused: Culture is dead??? Weird I guess I must be imagining the world around me. maybe it’s zombie culture :smiley:

World without religion, hurm, let me see.

I don’t think it will be any different. At least in the west. Given how little people who profess religion actually seem to live their lives by it the affect would be minimal.

Hang on. One difference, all the shops will be open on sunday :slight_smile:

What will the world be without heroin? The self will surely die - that is if you identify self as the self only when on heroin; then with the death of self will come the death of the [heroin] culture, which for some is the only culture hey know, or choose to acknowledge.

“I’m Not Dead Yet!.. I feel fine… I think I’ll go for a walk… I feel happy… I feel happy…”
-The Holy Grail

Nicely put. Take the people’s opium away and there will no longer be an ‘opium culture’. But there will still be people, creating new culture.

I hope you people realize that there are cultures LARGLY atheistic already present in the world…

I live in denmark… we are a vastly atheistic people… and i can tell you this… we’re doing a hell of allot better than any religious country. We have fantastic welfare services provided by the state rather then the poor box of a church… we have wonderful FREE medical care provided by the state… rather than the church’s charity. our public schools are NOT second class, making a private (often religious) school nessisary. ! We do not have a “death penalty” in this country… we don’t believe in “free will” as such… we consider people a result of their past able to be “helped” with proper care. Our legal system and punishments are built around the actual notion of “rehabilitation” and not just some half-biblical sense of “justice”. We have an old culture we respect yet recognize as past… wanting to move forwards. No needless loyalty is granted “tradition” and we easily conform/adapt to newer more practical ideas.

I could list a whole bunch of CURRENTLY present differences between an atheistic people and a religious one. Why fantasise about what a world without religion would be like… when you can see it for real?

God should stay in heaven; man will take care of the earth.

Not to mention the fact that most of the people in the West today who profess a belief in God do not hold that belief with the same conviction with which such a belief was held two centuries ago. As the gaps into which God can fit have shrunken, so has the faith in God’s existence.

It is very, very difficult in the West today to be educated and at the same time to have the faith in God’s existence of a typical 18th-century Christian. Few people can pull that off. I suppose that is why so many fundamentalist Christians today are HS grads only, if even that.

Yet, many believers don’t seem to realize this. Many contemporary people believe – sincerely believe – that they have the same kind of faith in God’s existence that Christians in bygone eras had. They don’t seem to realize that in the 18th century their kind of belief would be considered tantamount to atheism.

I suspect this is how religious faith will continue to live on in the coming centuries. People will continue to profess a belief in the existence of God but it really won’t mean much in practical terms. For liberal thiests and “agnostic” believers, it doesn’t mean much today.

Mad Man P,

What would it take for a married American couple to become Danish?
If we could move and live there, do you know for how long?
What does it take to become citizens?
If we have children there, will they be Danish?

I’m glad the Muslims are causing such a fuss over… this.
It’s making them look REALLY bad…


The cartoons close up and in English.

It takes 7 years to become a citizen… last I checked anyway… In order to apply for citizenship you must among other things demonstrate your use to the society… such as produce a somewhat clean criminal record and have a profession for which there are jobs readily available so you don’t just end up living off of our generous welfare… If you can find a place to call home I think that would help as well… it’s sad to be homeless…

Aside from that… I don’t think it’d take much more… It’s a pragmatic system in that the laws are set up so that whomever seems a benefit to soiciety is welcomed.

Children born here are not danish if their parents are not danish… I believe the laws are set up to the effect of only granting citizenship to children who have stronger ties in this country than outside it until such an age where they can choose to apply as adults. Given the childrens’ parents become citizens their child naturally is considered one as well.

HAHA… you know what’s so funny about that? we barely hear about it here… muslims here are not as pissed about it as the muslims we hear about elsewhere… I don’t know what line of shit they have been fed to piss em off so bad… but it’s definatly a line of shit…

It was a little nothing newspaper who was trying to revitalize it’s failing economy… The priminister was right to NOT apologize on it’s behalf… he had nothing to do with it… it was not a “state” matter… anyone who thinks it should be can go live in a dictatorship and enjoy the benifits of state interference with all aspects of human life…

oh… right… they already do…

P.S. Gimme a call if you’re ever around… I’ll show you some run down churches with 2-3 senior citizens attendending a year… it’s an amuzing and slightly pathetic sight… yet you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor sods clinging on so desperatly…


Just remembered something…

It happened recently in denmark… an actual preacher got up on the podium and said openly that he did not believe in a god… he just believed in goodness… he was of course fired… but his church (the people) wanted him back… they liked what he was saying! :laughing:

Oddly this man was the most successful preacher (had most attendents) in the whole country… I love this country’s attitude towards religion…

That explains soooooo much :smiley:

Lucky bugger