What would you change

Boring as fuck and unoriginal question, but heck, I’m interested. Musing about what people would change about themselves if they could change one thing … I’m currently veering between my chest and my propensity to have temper tantrums when things don’t go my way. Hm …

nothing, you change something and you aren’t you. i mean in a deeper sense than changing hair colour, but ifd you change you personality you are no longer you, you become a different person. sure i’d love to get rid of depression but i wouldn’t be me any more. it;s the same thing as time travel, youc hange one thing and it has knock on effects, which have knock on effects, which have knock on effects…

Which then hit me in the eye. :cry:

I’m the same as macca. I have a deviant history which many might wish to correct if they had the chance, but I like it. It’s what makes me me, just like everything else. I’d like to think that I do have the power to change most things about me if I really, really wanted to, and that the motivation to continue evolving as a person will never go away. I’d like to think that, but I’m not sure I do.

yeah exactly. if only i could remember one then i’d come out with one of those really deep expressions like we only stop living when we stop changing or whatever.

i would make my dick smaller. its too big.

only a north american would say that!

i’d make my toenails grow slower

Nothing is wrong with a huge penis!!! :astonished: and if there’s any corrective surgery that you can afford, don’t do it I say!!!
It’s like finding a gold mine when girls find a guy like such. :cry:


I’d definately follow nicola and change my chest.

… gone to buy some Bloussant :wink:

if i could change anything…
i would probably go back in time and change the fact that i did not study well for my a levels and wasted my time on this site (no offence to ben)…
i hope i’ll pass.

my hair would be longer and (god forbid!) all the same colour. my knees would be smaller so i could wear skirts without looking like a particularly knobbly giraffe/stork type creature. i wouldn’t have dark circles around my eyes all yr round and my nose would be less ‘‘super mario brothers’’ -esque.

theres no depth here.

oh, and i would be a really great flamenco dancer and kickboxer :smiley:

haha… sorry. it’s you flamenco dancing … the image … hahahhaa …

another thing I’d change: the way I get desperately anxious about not having done what I need to do (eg: revise) yet do nothing about it, and end up posting on weird sites… err… i’ll get my coat

Clarice and Frighter, you kill me :laughing: LOL :laughing:
Like Nicola I too got an image of a kickboxer dressed funny from mixing your two ideas. Frighter, I truly hope that isn’t what you would change about yourself. Remember, it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it. But then again, the people that tell themselves that are those with small penis’. Advice? Give Austin Powers a call and see if you can get a rental on one of those penis enlargers…but remember if anyone asks…always say “It’s not mine! I swear it’s not mine!”.

All kidding aside, Frighter you should be happy with what you look like, you were born that way for a reason. If we all had big cocks then what would be the point? I’ve talked to many women about the topic of size and use of the penis, and the statistics are in your favour, most women tell me they like what a guy does with their thing more than they like the size.

What would I change about myself? Nothing. I wouldn’t change anything about myself, I would only change my circumstances, the environment, etc. But I already plan on changing these things…

What’s your take?

apparently penis enlargers actually work, although only for a few hours… still … brill

I would change men.

myself being in the class of ‘men’, I am curious; what would you change about us?

Appearance I’d change my feet size so I wouldn’t have to buy clown shoes and shop at the circus. But I hardly care much about that. As of now I’m regretting cutting my hair too but that will change by itself. The problem with hair is that it all grows. If only just some would grow I’d be happy.

Or I’d change my leniency when dealing with people. I always find myself telling people it’s alright even when there is like giant holes in my walls and darts sticking out of my $500 guitar. I’m pretty sure I should be mad at the people for throwing darts into my guitar but for some reason I can’t bring myself to tell them to die.

Well, Magius, we’re classmates :slight_smile:
Hmm… Men can be very strong, men can be very weak. But most of them lack that deep respect in front of women, even the strongest among them. I’m not saying they should worship women, but at least show more consideration.

h20 stated:
Well, Magius, we’re classmates Hmm… Men can be very strong, men can be very weak. But most of them lack that deep respect in front of women, even the strongest among them. I’m not saying they should worship women, but at least show more consideration.

I think you are confusing being strong with having deep respect.
Most of my experience with people in general is that the ‘strong’ are the ones without deep respect, whether in front of women or not. Okay, so they should show more consideration, the majority of men you say, what you mean is the majority of men in your life that you PRESUME to lack respect to you or to women you saw them lack respect for.
If I was to take everything in your favour it would still remain for me to ask, how would you change men to have a deeper respect for women?

Aside: I am just trying to clarify your logic, but I understand where you are coming from. Even from a guys perspective. It is those guys you speak of that ruin women morals, natural judgements, and perception of men; so when a nice guy comes along he gets trampled on by the negative defence mechanisms women have built up to protect themselves from the bad type.

I also wish to show you that it can easily be argued that women do not show consideration for men, instead they have a very deep respect for their money, fame, image, etc. And I would be correct in my gross generalization of women. But I don’t think it fair, because I wish to stay optimistic that women will be considerate of men as ends in themselves, and the same vice versa.

What’s your take?

H2o wrote:

Hello H2o,
I’m very sorry to hear this. You have the right to be treated with respect at all times. I hope however, that you do speak up when a man treats you with disrespect. We learn how to treat others both from our family and from our peers. By objecting to disrespect you might help teach a boy who has been “raised by wolves” to become a respectful man. Another woman might someday wish to thank you.

I take pains to treat everyone I meet, male or female, with respect. Unless the person were either insane or pointing a gun at me, I’d likewise refuse to let anyone treat me with disrespect. I should hasten to add that I rarely feel that people do treat me disrespectfully; in fact, I can’t remember the last time someone knowingly did. Perhaps the fact that I automatically treat others with respect has something to do with it? In any case, I certainly don’t mind speaking up for other people whom I’ve seen being mistreated. Unless the other person is simply nuts, in nearly every case the other person will apologize when politely asked to do so.


I’d like to be able to dance really well. Not like in a professional sense or Saturday Night Fever with everyone looking at me. Just good enough to pleasantly surprise whomever I’m dancing with. Currently, I have 2 left feet and dancing in public is one of my top 10 least favorite things to do.

And I know this is impossible, but I’d like to have the innocence, fearlessness, and energy of a 17-year-old again. Because I would definitely enjoy my youth a lot more and take life a lot less seriously than I did back then.