What would you change

I wish you all the best on your endeavor, and personally, I think you will come to a point in your life where you WILL learn how to dance…great.

i don’t see whats so funny about me flamenco dancing. i think it’d be very eyecatching.

I’ll change the fact that I am an effective flirt. My girlfriend is getting really mad about that. But what can I say, I have the pimp juice!

I would have to change my chest… I was cursed with… um… an oversized chest… It has to go!

In Canada OHIP pays for breast reductions! :laughing: seriously

I am looking into it. My insurence should pay for it. There are risks though since I am under 18… And I am planning to lose 4 cup sizes, so lots of risks.


I would change…jessicas mind about the boob thing…


lol I’m sure you would Dan! :wink:

I’ll pay for breast reductions. j/k

I’m not much of a breast person, but I can’t help looking at them. It is a strange phenomenom. It’s like I see a large breasted woman and think, “She is fertile, let’s mate.” But I don’t even like breasts. They get boring after a while.

Good luck on you Jessica. Are they expensive?

I’d change uhhhhhh, ummmmm. I’d change nothing really. I’m a very sexy beast. I guess I’d change my total inability to exercise on a regular basis. I sure would hate for my round bouncy ass to fall down one day or my tiny waist to disappear… My boobs will probably never sag as they are too small to. My toes are pretty funky, but nothing a pedicure couldn’t fix.

where are you from again molelove? lol