What would you find most meaningful and deeply stimulating?

Let’s talk about some “what if”, in which you had more power and less limits. Let’s talk about what you would like to do, and expose yourself to. What would feel the very most meaningful and stimulating to you.

I, for one, do not like overstimulation, as it is quite stressful, and achives basically nothing. I would, instead, enjoy an expanse of my mental and physical selves. I would enjoy, not a survice towards my many parts, but an addition of parts. New organs, new genes, new dimensions, new cybernetic attachments. Anything to expand farther capacity and living existence itself.

What would you like most?

I would like to own some ocean front property in Arizona.

No wild fantasy?


There are no oceans near Arizona!

I would like to be god- I mean, uhh, yeah property in arizona, yeah, uh… yeah.

And a pony, and a firetruck, and a wig, and… What? A fricking orange?

What’s with all of the “property”?

These sound like mundane play-things.

I would like to adopt an older child. You know… a 35 year old man with a nice body who thinks I am really hot.

Seriously tho’, I would adopt an older child who has no one to love them.

Yeah, that would be a composite of emotional satisfaction.

You could play the nurturing roll, and at the same time, bang with the young dude. And he’d be so dependant, as he does not have much love, thus would make you feel very wanted/needed.

Why not addopt 2, or 3, bisexual or something, then all at the same time, go wild?

At least I am not into property - although owning the beach front property with the 35 year-old sounds like a plan.

Dan, I think we have are sharing the same astral plane. My aura is feeling like a squiggle right about now.




Yes, and once sexually, socially and topographically gratified, what next would you enjoy the sensation of? There’s much room for more.

Okay, I feel a bit of that too.

You’re kind of excited right now, or playful or something?

That’s all I could sense, and I wasn’t completely sure about it.

Syncronization is not astral, by the way, it’s possible in almost any relative realm.



Great! I’ve been wondering about this for some time now. Thanks for the info, Dan.


Unless you are joking.

You said once about some crack you did, and you said about being one with the universe, or some shit.

Was that literal, or a joke?

Because, ofcourse, when the ego is removed, one realizes and may actually become capable of using the fact that they ARE universe. And understanding of physical mechanics may be just one part of this realization. It is one of the reasons why natural, rare powers may develop or manifest in Buddhists during their inner progresson…

Have you ever been like, ‘egoless’, having oneness? No difference between outer and inner world?


No, I said “I went to the Mother Ship”, meaning metaphorically that the experience was amazing.

“Crack,” by the way is bad. Very bad. Everything about it is bad. The shit itself, the areas it is sold, and the people who sell it. Scum drug.

Cocaine can be used tastfully and responsibly by elegant people.

Okay, my mistake.

I would like to fly. Or jump really high. And swim really fast and deep. And shirnk and grow. And travel through space at a billion times the speed of light so I could figure out some stuff.
And I would like to create some stars and solar systems, and life. Play God. Have people deny my existence and be really proud of that. I would really be proud of that. Then I’d leave and make some other stuff. Or just return to my castle at the rock of Gibraltar and enjoy a foot long joint overlooking the ocean with my compadre’s, and make music till the morning, and then at sunrise set out at sea and fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean. Wake up in Greek waters and recreate the Olympic Gods. I’d hang out with Zeus and Dionysos. Liberate Prometheus from his rock and take him around the modern world to show him what’s become of his actions. Yeah!

I would like to have more control over my selfish desires and be able to put my heart into serving and caring for others. I believe that you cannot satisfactorily edify your self, it has to be done for you by others and that requires service. So if I want to feel better and have more pleasure in this life I must think of pleasing and caring for others first, alas, I am too selfish at this point in my life and it is a constant struggle and division that weakens my soul.