Whats next

Whats next, if anything?

The majority of us argue a lot about god and how he’s wrong and doesn’t exist and bla bla bla. So my question to everyone is this. What do you think happens when we die? I’ve heard something along the lines of “how do you know you will die if you have never died before?” couldn’t that be true? Maybe there’s another dimension out there, maybe there’s a heaven, or a waiting room called purgatory. Rather it be from living for eternity with all the riches you invest in a pyramid (what were they thinking) to catching the latest comet that fly’s by earth, I am interested to hear what you really think happens to “you” when you “die”.

It is a very comforting notion to feel that all we strive for and become in this life, is not lost after our physical bodies perish. I tend to think that sentience is not chaotic and too precious to just suddenly end in a split second, never to be heard from again. That being said, I believe that there is an afterlife, because I cannot simply grasp my existence as nature’s lottery.

How do we know whats after death? Well if there is someone, who have died, experienced death, but is now alive, then we can know, can we not? For all we need to do is ask him, or to read of those who have done so.

I don’t think the OP is asking for someone to prove what’s after death, but asking opinion. Spirtuality and faith go a long ways towards conjecture about an after life, and I think that’s the purpose of this thread. ( I may stand corrected on this assumption, though)

I am proposing a proof. Should’nt that be more desirable than mere opinions?

Does one need a proof for spirituality and faith? Again, I don’t think the OP was searching for truth and proof but mere opinions and conjecture. Granted, many people disagree with religion because of the same reason, I’m simply offering an explanation for what I said.

I think if you’re looking at something that can be easily proven or disproven and is more secular based, then yes. However, I don’t think that applies to this topic.

The topic asks what people feel, since it is nearly if not utterly impossible to prove or disprove what happens to “us” (I’m assuming the OP means our soul) after we die.

I am not here talking about “spirituality” or “faith”. I am approaching the issue of “what’s after death” logically and “scientifically”.

Are such issues as death and its thereafter something not susceptible to logical and reasonable investigations? Certainly they are! And I certainly would not accept mere speculations, opinions, superstitions or pure conjectures on such matters. I like - no I insist - to have a reasonable basis that what I know is true; or else I have known nothing.

Therefore I am merely suggesting but one starting point to such investigation, ie IF we can find at least one person who have died and come back to life again. But of course if such a person don’t exist, then we have to take a different investigation route, ie if we still have other prima facie evidences to reasonably think that the question of what’s after death something worthy of continued investigations.

If opinions are what all that is asked for, I rather not waste my time here … even doing philosophy …

I never doubted or questioned that chanbengchin, and it is certainly valid if you’re approaching something with purely secular eyes, or a question is posed and is directed to all facets of though. However:

Granted, I may be corrected, but I don’t think the OP is looking for proof, but conjecture/speculation.

And so I have written what I thought: that what happens after death is knowable, under certain conditions, and something provable and reasonably so too.

Have you ever hurd of this happening, if so, what do you “know”?

If its knowable, then lets find out!

Oh yeah! Lets do it! :smiley:

LoL, good to see you want to. I was hoping you could point us into a logical direction since you were earlier saying “that what happens after death is knowable”

Dont forget to say what you THINK happens…