What's on your mind? This is about ROI, man!

What’s on your mind? This is about ROI, man!

If you do not have a question on your mind that is important to you, you are a loser! We are all born with one of the principles of capitalism coded into our genes, i.e. use your assets to obtain maximum leverage.

When I have willed that my mind help me to find an answer to some matter that I really care about I have placed on my ‘mental bulldozer’ an operator seeking that answer. My M/B (mental bulldozer) is waiting in the shed for my assignment. If I have not given it an assignment the operator of that M/B is any scatter brained monkey that comes along.

Your mental ROI (Return on Investment) is 1000 if you invest time and effort in creating questions that you are curious of and care about. If you are ‘curious and caring’ about a matter your M/B will be working 24/7 to help in the quest for a solution. Our brain is a marvelous instrument that can function in parallel mode on many problems simultaneously.

Your M/B depends upon the knowledge in your data bank to organize its efforts. The bigger and more diverse your data bank the greater scope the mind has for organizing a solution.

it is not a matter of thinking how to get what you want, sorry to say but any animal can do this, only the poor weak minds, crazy people man would say, would give up on imaging the behavior to be in order to get closer to your will, make the link between your reality living inn and your feelings of your needs to be, this is normality of human being dynamic, what matters thinker is to change your wills, to desire the work of being in the most real objective look of mind to possibilities he sees, we are all lazy even God iam sure He didnt enjoy all that working stuff He did to say the truth, sometimes we must, but who would decide when we have to work our best and when it is ok what we are? God made it too, He would say it is not ok and deceive you in order to move beyound what you want

the proof that i said the truth is that i am sure that God discovered the truth of love beyound the values of being while He was seeking for the reasons of the thoughts giving Him to feel low, what makes Him find out that all what He was doing was to say His fears of being so unhappy because of His being lonely, were His wills to listen up to Himself with only one vague goal to be with less contradictions in thoughts, with one knowledge His truth is One intelliget being who is clear in all he feels only because He really deeply love as would be always the best

not a specific goal, just think what you see the best objectively in the reality you are inn, and be that, no matter if it is completely different than all what you thought would make you happy, find in you the love to be what is better above yourself, and work on that goal

I have for some time been interested in trying to understand what ‘understand’ means. I have reached the conclusion that ‘curiosity then caring’ is the first steps toward understanding. Without curiosity we care for nothing. Once curiosity is in place then caring becomes necessary for understanding.

I suspect our first experience with ‘understanding’ may be our first friendship. I think that this first friendship may be an example of what Carl Sagan meant by “Understanding is a kind of ecstasy”.

I also suspect that the boy who falls in love with automobiles and learns everything he can about repairing the junk car he bought has discovered ‘understanding’.

I suspect many people go their complete life and never have an intellectual experience that culminates in the “ecstasy of understanding”. How can this be true? I think that our educational system is designed primarily for filling heads with knowledge and hasn’t time to waste on ‘understanding’.

Understanding must come in the adult years if it is to ever come to many of us. I think that it is very important for an adult to find something intellectual that will excite his or her curiosity and concern sufficiently so as to motivate the effort necessary to understand.

Understanding does not come easily but it can be “a kind of ecstasy”.

Comprehension is a hierarchy, resembling a pyramid, with awareness at the base followed by consciousness, succeeded by knowing, with understanding at the pinnacle.

Awareness–faces in a crowd.

Consciousness—smile, a handshake, and curiosity.

Knowledge—long talks sharing desires and ambitions.

Understanding—a best friend bringing constant April.

We might appropriately compare understanding and knowledge with love and the quickie. Understanding requires an intellectual investment just as does love.

I am speaking of understanding when I speak of having something on your mind.