What's so bad about the New World Order?

What is the difference between National Socialism and Global Socialism, Nazi vs Globzi?

One is bigger than the other.

A global central dictatorship I think would be impossible. There’s just too many individual groups with power working out there for any of them to agree to give exclusive power to one group. Why would they want to? I think global Capito - corporatism is the final evolutionary stage in economics. There will be a handful of governments each of which have approximately equal power, endlessly negotiating over space and resources.

So you think that dictatorship and federalism are opposites or do not fit together, but that is a fatal fallacy. The EU is a dictatorship. No one of those in the EU who have power are elected. And the reason why “half the world is on the breadline and the other lives quite well” is not merely the so-called “capitalism”, as you think, but the so-called “socialism” as well. You think that “capitalism” and “socialism” are opposites or do not fit together, but that is a fatal fallacy. The globalism proves this every day.

To add to the list: a foundation part of socialism is that “laws are for the lesser people, the unrighteous”.

Pharmaceuticals and medicines are just tools … do pharmaceutical companies make tools that do not work??
And what makes you think that such things have to be “given” to any influential group, especially those already controlling money, media, and medicine?

What is the difference between Crony Capitalism and Socialism?

The name.

More or less the pills do their job, only there are sideeffects. The DNA machine may have unforeseen sideeffects, but once it is used to increase the intelligence by 300 percent, at which point, once the side effects (such as mild cancer due to algorithm imperfections) happen they will be easily cured.

Or some of the genius have not the slightest empathy and wipe out everyone under IQ 229. Or people are made pliable citizenbots, some of them, sure, smart. Or they turn out to be wonderful disease vectors. Or…

Kids playing with Daddy’s ordinance.

I’ve got a map for profits and the way its gonna go down is this. Markets are happy, people are happy, everybody is happy. I have a price map/model for consumers and corporations which will both maximize revenue and profits for the DNA machine, and construct an agreeable society. Everybody wins.

$200. Average Joe.
$300. Average Susie. The reason for the higher price tag on females is because we don’t want people spamming females, this will reduce the amount of people spamming female characters.
Intellect is default androgynous.
Masculine intellect upgrade is 100 dollars.
Female intellect (downgrade) is 200 dollars.
Reason for this is the androgynous (daemon-type) intellect is the most rational and wise, therefore it is default. The masculine intellect upgrade allows for more drive, reduced lethargy and higher libido. The reason for the expensiveness of the female intellect is to reduce the amount of characters spamming bimbo-type intellects in society.
$400. Handsome Joe. (30 options.)
$500. Blond Bomb shell. (60 options.)
$25 for hair color alterations, $10 for hair style alterations.
$700. Hermaphrodite (Futa type). Higher price tag to increase the rarity and commercial value of this character.
$800. Chick with dick. Higher price tag to reduce the spamming of this character.
$1000. Custom character.
$100 for muscle upgrade 1, $200 for muscle upgrade 2, $300 for muscle upgrade 3. Muscle upgrade has the option of increase speed or strength, or a percentage of speed and strength.
$100-300 dollars for immune system upgrades.
IQ’s are default 150 IQ and cost 0 dollars. It costs 1 dollar for every added/subtracted IQ point. Maximum iQ allowed is 750. Minimum IQ is 100. So if you wanted a 180 IQ, you’d have to pay 30 dollars. If you want a 110 IQ, you have to pay 40 dollars. (150-110=40. 180-150=30.)
Horse upgrade is 1500$. The reason for this is because Centaurs are walking hazards. You have the option of male/or female centaur independent of your base character.
Wings upgrade are 2000$. They interfere with tracking and grant individuals too much power.
Satyr upgrade is 1300$. Satyr upgrade is incompatible with the horse upgrade.
Any other animal mutations not listed, are 2500$
Deformities, such as three breasts or 4 arms, are 2500$ for each deformity, for unsightly deformities. Non-unsightly deformities cost 500$ only. Unsightliness will be determined by a board and ethics commitee.
Higher endurance costs 100$.
Creative juice costs $25 for each creative boost.
Enlightened mental state costs $20 dollars.
Schizophrenia mental state costs 700$ and expires after 30 days.
Default height is 6’0 for average joes, 5’11 for average susies, each height upgrade or downgrade costs 10 dollars per inch, 20 dollars per negative inch. Max height allowed is 8 feet (except for Centaur models), minimum height allowed is 3 feet.
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Secondary alterations are $50 per alteration.
People who choose the “slave mentality” option will receive a 50% discount on all purchases. Slave mind enables the character to feel pleasure at simple mechanical jobs, such as maintenance, which will still be needed in the future to repair cleaning bots. It also increases the masochistic, submissive tendencies and pain tolerance of the character.
Dominance upgrades cost 20 dollars for each increased level of dominance.

I don’t see the “New World Order” as it may happen, I do agree-- it’s an inevitability. I am questionable regarding the socialism, is there any evidence that the New World Order wants socialism?

Also, we don’t fear New World Order itself, instead, we fear the change of society; we fear the unexplainable and we fear the future. It would not matter if it was the “New World Order” or the “Peaceful Socialist Planet” we’d still be scared.

Wed still be scared because its really the same fucktards in power as it was before.

Can people actually reply to my points without insulting me?

98% of the U.N. is socialist representatives, all of whom lust to be god of their countries. Constitutions limit Godwannabe socialists. That’s is why they seriously hate Constitutions.

Originally, when I posted the word "fucktard’, I wasn’t talking about you…

Democracy has its roots dug into things.
I suspect a constitutional NWO.
I’m sorry if people are being disrespectful towards you.

Anyone who is, please stop.

Also this is a disrespectful generalization.

What’s so bad about the New World Order.

Communism took all property away and made it the State’s property.

Capitalism says the property belongs to the individual and nobody has the right to take it away.

The Pope condemns Communism but he also condemns Capitalism.

So in the name of fairness the New World Order will be something in between?

Private Property

Thomas Aquinas, wrote no treatise on economics, but his thinking, based on that of Aristotle, is foundational for understanding the economic thought of the Roman Catholic Church State. (The Growth of Economic Thought).

So what did Thomas Aquinas say.

Because the goods of some are due to others by the natural law, there is no sin if the poor take the goods of their neighbours.
Thomas wrote "In cases of need, all things are common property, so that there would seem to be no sin in taking another’s property, for need has made it common. (7th article Summa Theologiae).

Not only is such taking of another’s property not a sin, it is not even a crime, according to Thomas.

Therefore, because private property is immoral, all men - individuals and governments have the moral obligation to redistribute goods held unjustly by property owners.

If this is the basis for a New World Order, then nothing a person owns will be his and there will be nothing you can do about it. A redistribution of your goods.

There is another word for the redistribution of wealth. Theft.

The Bible says thou shalt not steal.

This system of human rights breaks every commandment of God.

When God distributed land to Israel how was it distributed? As an eternal inheritance, it was your land and your children’s, forever.

Redistribution is the New World Order.

Bertrand Russell. The only possibilities are now world government or death.

The Humanist manifesto II, urges us "to move toward the building of a world community

Pope calls for a New World Order. CNN January 2004.

Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the united nations, said "We must move as quickly as possible to a one world government, a one world religion under a one world leader.

I wonder who that is going to be.

The experiment with economic freedom, Pius XI wrote, must end, and economic life must again be subjected to planning and government.

New World Order is intended not just to unite the nations (BTW that which God had separated) but to eradicate that which refuses to bow to the Papacy.

The Kingdom of God for Catholicism is the Kingdom of Catholicism ruling the world on this earth.

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

Yup. =D>

Robert Muller, assistant secretary of the United Nation said it, so we might as well do it. Jar Jar Binks said we might as well do it, well, we might as well do it. Let’s give supreme power to the Pope.

One world government
The trouble is that you assume that the world government will represent its people. Who can fight against it? especially if the people have no guns, see below. You could end up with a world government like that of Iran.

Banning guns

Switzerland ranks 4th and Sweden Ranks 9th. Both safer than the U.K. Most gun crimes in USA are gang related, if the USA wants a safer society it must eradicate gangs and change its culture which glorifies them.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of … by_country

Do you know that there is no law that requires the average American worker in the private sector to pay a direct unapportioned tax on their labor in compensation for services.

America from Freedom to Facism, are they one step away from being serfs.

This vid is quite long, but certainly worth watching.


Ending the drug war would go a long way to cutting back on violent crimes.