What's the hardest term to define?

I think it’s “time”.

woman :wink:

Why time? Just interested in your reasons. I agree somewhat though. Time is inevitable and yet we don’t even know if it is finite or infinite. I don’t know that what I said made any sense but I will leave it in.

In my opinion, I would say the soul. What the heck is it?

…men… :unamused:

hermaphrodites :confused:


love… by a lonnnnnnnng shot

Philosophy. :unamused:


(Or Nothing, as Brad said).



Not the literal term, as in “to find a reason”. But why? Why find a reason? Why the term “why”?

Well, people are born with the power to choose. I think it’s a matter of time until they ask themselves why.

But it’s an awfully big question, “why?”. Possibly the biggest question we’ve got.

the impossible

Life. That’s kind being though.

Silver lilly stated:

Care to elaborate? Maybe I can show you just how simple males are.

…LOL … o god…
I’m sure you didnt mean to insult your whole sex by that statement…

I don’t think it insults males, I think it would do much good if we all just admitted our simplicity. But it’s good to have simplicity in atleast this aspect of life, life is too complicated already.

So, why are men the hardest to define? [I noticed you dodged that question missy… :wink: ]

…lol When I posted that because I was making a statement on how I find it hard to understand why men find it hard to understand women. … I mean you just never know why men never know what you want … in my experience anyway. :unamused:

Well, I don’t mean to sound like I’m some odd chicken out of the hen house, but my beak and feathers have always known what they wanted, just never met the right chick to share the hay with. :wink:

But honestly, I find human beings to be the most complex thing in the world. More complex than any science, whether astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry - more complex than politics, economics, or even religion. But I think I have put greater emphasis on not being able to define women because I am male, and because sooo many people play games. Since I have an emotional investment with a significant other (female) than I tend to find females more complex than males. Males being more simple and understandable to me because I am one. But I agree, if only people (both males and females) didn’t play games all the time, than neither would be complicated and understanding would be found.

Maybe you can share some of your sex’s secrets with us males so that we may come to understand females better in general. I can begin by telling you males secrets - the greater majority of guys are looking only for one thing (sex). A large majority of this great majority want a woman whom they can complain to, cry to, be pampered by, dump their stresses on, someone they demean when they themselves were demeaned by someone else so that they can raise their self esteem again, etc. But there are few of us left that actually want to know the woman for the person she is, to share in life’s mysteries with her, to experience all with her, to commit to, to treat as an equal, and to spend life (not to be taken generally and not specifically) making her as happy as she can be, and then some. For she will only do the same for him.

What’s your take?