What's the point of procreation?

Life is inherently pointless. There’s no need to creat life. So why to creat another pointless life that didn’t need to exist?
Life has no function nor finality.
There’s no objective purpose or rational reason for procreation. The rational choice would be not to procreate.

The point of life subsumes the point it lives in. It doesn’t require a explanation, as explanation is extracurricular and extrenal to any given point, including the points of transmission. Your stuck in a duality, the quality emphasized over the quantity. Your mood is insufficent for solution, a neurochemical deficiet. I suggest really good porn.

“Rational” is not a characteristic of life.
Life is a stubborn little thing that keeps going when it should have never existed.
All it does is try and continue to survive because that has worked out great for it so far.
For no reason, just because that’s what it has always done and what it was “built” to do so to speak.

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The last statement does not follow from the other ones. And why do choices have to be rational? Posting here…is this rational? You could have been not-posting.

What’s the point, that’s a good question. Some of us are planned by their parents, and some of us are unplanned. It’s all about sex in most cases, couples often forget to use condoms.
But for millions of years humans didn’t plan birth at all, it was just about sex, if you were the alpha male you ended up having more sex. We humans are just the latest primate, and the passage from ape to human happened very gradually, so gradually that the first human never existed, in fact what existed was just a different primate with a bigger brain and especially a bigger muscle in the thumb. So as our ancestors became more evoluted they started planning procreation, the more kids you had the more chances your clan had to win against the enemy clans. Only until 60 years ago it was considered normal to have 10 kids in a family, mostly because there wasn’t the problem of overpopulation and also because many of your kids were going to die. Today is a total different matter, having more than two kids is considered irresposnsible, because of the overpopulation, and because with the new medicines all of our kids are going to survive for a long long time. Think about China, if you have more than one kid you end up to jail.
Today if you want to plan have kids you have to be very optimistic about the future, I am not optimistic about it, in fact I don’t want to have kids, but there are a lots of optimistic couples. What pisses me off is the fact that often couples want to procreate because they feel lonley or bored. One thing is for sure: none of us ever asked to be born… :slight_smile:

You don’t end up in jail in china for having more than one child, your second child loses any benefits and becomes a non-class citizen of sorts barred from government aid- which blows in a bureaucracy centric nation like the PRC- unless your parents are filthy rich, it’s a horrible existence to face.

Another pretentious first post by a nihilist?

I wonder if they are all the same person.

What makes you so sure that those statements are at all true?

This isn’t Cezar’s usual MO, but it is his logic, as he’s a decadent nihilist at heart. Hmmm… Taz/Tragicom is just stupid enough to do this… and has a million and a half fake names, but he usually aims at making them look like a crowd of people singing his tune.

Only logical conclusion is that it’s the moderators trying to will us all into non-reproduction so we will not pass on our jeans. I mean genes. Cause someone will get my jeans even if I don’t pass on my genes. Yeah. ](*,)

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Pleasure and narcissism.


To create offspring; to continue the species.