What's with all this talk of responsibility?

why do people hate someone for being irresponsible?

Is it as obvious as someone not doing there part, so others have to take on a heavier load?

Or is that this country has a hard work ethic that states that if you’re not productive american on the assembly line of life than you’re a lazy bum, a useless object.

I’ll admit right now that I am totally irresponsible and look to avoid almost all things that require an effort from me. Does this give me pride? Clearly not in the eyes of my peers. Do I really want the pride? Not unless, it was handed to me, whether I deserve it or not. Does that shock your sensiblities? Does it go against everything that was engrained in you as child? Has the reward system of money and status, goods and services justified how complex society has become, when, in turn, that complexity only requires more effort from you?

Technology is meant to save us from labor as a time saver, thus giving us more leisure time. Everyone subscribes to this. Where is the pride of hauling water from the water well, when you’ve got a sink faucet so close? My point is that everyone has a little lazy in them.

I laugh. People working jobs they hate with people they despise for shit they really dont need, but have been trained to want, when wanting is the source for all suffering. Are these goals of human glory? [-X

I’ll have no part in it.

What does it mean to show bad character? I’m a sucky person, should I pretend that I’m better for show. Earn respect? What does respect earn you? More people at your funeral? What is this duty that you speak of? Who gave you this duty?

The innocence of childhood is cherished but once that’s ruined people start to admire maturity instead. Its kind of like dreaming of being a basketball player, only to realize that you wont grow to be 7 feet tall so you start thinking of more practical jobs. I think that’s sad. Dreams die hard only to replaced by a show of character, dignity, integirity all the things they say about you after you die.

My father left when I six. That taught me that if problem it exists, avoiding it is sure fire method. I wont have kids for this reason. I know I wont take care of them. Run away. Keep running. Its not admirable. But then again do I really need to be the shining star in the eye of others. Especially when they dont impress me.