What's your education level in philosophy?

What’s your education level in philosophy?

  • I’ve got a Ph.D. in philosophy
  • I’m doing my post-grad studies in philosophy
  • I’m got a degree/diploma in philosophy
  • I’m working towards my degree/diploma in philosophy
  • I’ve got no formal education in philosophy
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This is just for my own curiosity.

EDIT: if you were working towards a certain landmark point in your education in philosophy but never followed through on it, or if you had achieved a certain level of education even though we weren’t formally working towards something in philosophy (ex. you just so happen to take a few philosophy courses as options), treat that as though you are working towards the next highest level.

No formal. Which is why I’m not good at it.

You forgot an alternative: I have some formal education in philosophy but it was not part of a degree in philosophy.

Anyway, I’m with philosophy the way I am with music: I don’t know the names of songs, who wrote them, who played them, or when they came out, but I remember the song and whether I liked it or not.

Edit: I just saw your edit after I posted, but it’s too late. I checked the “no formal education” box. I did take some classes as part of my BA polysci and JD.

B.A. Philosophy, Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Which Dalhousie?

…none what-so-ever: save for reading, and my own personal philosophy: which serves me very well :smiley:

I don’t want to tarnish my mind with irrelevant bullshit, sorry!

I hear that!

I’ve taken a few university-level classes but nothing too much and certainly not a degree

I go there… gives a corny thumbs up sign

Anyways, in regards to the OP, I actually have all the philosophy credits I need for my BA, I must just finish off my electives. I was a (academically) lazy athlete and failed things. My student loan developed a drinking problem and now beats me for these injustices.

Imagine if you will a blue collar working slave who reads philosophy in his spare time because television bores him to death. That is me.

Ah… a natural at heart.

I’m taking a class. I don’t think it’s really helping me in any way though.

I’ve been avoiding graduation by taking a half schedule for this year so that I could get all these 499 classes with this one professor that’s insane. I’ve got 75 hrs of philosophy total,(which is about 30 more than the major requires) and I’ll be done this summer, but only because I’m holding out for this class I want in the spring,(i would have been done in December).

I’m close to a degree, but I don’t think I have anything to show for it. I find it hard to learn philosophy from a chalk-board. I also find it hard to learn when I’m forced to meet reading deadlines. There’s no time to figure it out for yourself, the structure is counter-productive.

Take the current course I am, for example. We go through about one major philosopher and theory per week. We read one article directly from the philosopher, and then a few superficial critiques out of a philosophy of language book. There is no time to digest the stuff. How do they expect any of us to retain anything when when we are forced to learn the entire history of philosophy language in 4.5 months. Any one of these philosophers and their theory could have an entire course dedicated to them, and probably do. Yet, somehow learning a very very broad outline of each of them is supposed to be productive? There’s nothing to it, you don’t have to understand the theory, infact it seems that is discouraged. What you have to do, is know that X said Y, and Z said S about Y.

You guys should read some of the shit these kids write in there essays. It’s absolute garbage. There is no analysis, there is no substance, it is simple regurgitation of what they read. And half these people are Grad. students(it’s a 4000/7000 course). For example, I peer reviewed the paper of a grad student on the topic of Strawson. This motherfucker proceeds to use technical language, and philosophical jargon, while at the same time not saying a goddamn thing. The chump has been taught how to write, but not how to think and argue.

Here’s the argument from the paper. Strawson says X, then gives example Y, then conclusion Z. For fucks sake, I don’t give a fuck what Strawson said, I read his goddamn theory, give me a novel perspective of his argument. Tell me what your take is on it, let me see it in a different way.

I had such High hopes as a Freshman, I told myself that when I got to upper level classes it would be different. The kids would be interested in the topics, they would help me learn with their point of views…It would not simply be a cross between a history and science class…Nope, no matter how small the class, no matter how interesting the material, learning philosophy from a chalkboard is just fundamentally fucked up…I have a feeling I’ll be writing the same thing in 4-5 years as a Grad student .

The greatest thing I will take away from my Undergraduate career, is the absolute affirmation that philosophy is what I enjoy. It has almost been ripped from me several times in the past few years, but I always come back to it. It has endured it’s greatest test.

I don’t think they’re looking for publishable material at the grad level. They’re probably looking to see if you know that x said y about x, because if you do not know that x said y about x then you’re probably going to say it thinking you came up with it.

I think the system may be designed in a manner that in post graduation the student may come up with new shit, after having been exposed to what has been said.

These last two years I have been going to a community college gathering up transferable credits. Next semester I am going to Wayne State as an undergrad in philosophy. I plan/hope to sharpen my opinion so that then I can make money off it, and a bit of glory, why not.


I also believe this.

A philosopher doesn’t become a philosopher just by getting a degree in philosophy.


While I knock institutions, they are not wholly bad.

What you’re going to learn formal logic on your own? Com’n! :smiley: