What's your favorite Platonic Dialogue?

Mine’s the Cratylus

The Symposium.

Or the Republic, if you want to consider the long dialogue. Lots of interesting stuff in there.

the apology and crito


They’re all brilliant!

symposiums is good, but I like the 2nd-5th and the tenth books of the Republic best. :wink:

Not necessarily my favorite but right up there
Gorgias by Plato

Socrates is speaking to the famous sophist Gorgias, attempting to discover what it is that Gorgias teaches. During this discussion, Gorgias and his student Polus have both been forced to relent that it is better to suffer harm than to do harm to others. At this, Callicles enters the conversation and chastises Socrates for making such foolish claims seem probable through verbal trickery and intimidation


The Republic