What's your opinion about humanity?

What’s your opinion on humanity?

I usedto think humans were a bunch of useless dummies that spawned spiritual parasites inside of their senseless bodies.
Later i changed my mind, and i thought people were generally nice and decent.
Now sometimes i feel the old ideas rising up again.
I don’t like the idea of living in a society of bad people. But how good are they, if they are even good at all?

The human species is immersed deeply in religions.
The human species pollutes and destroys.
The human species repeats mistakes over and over again.
I’m not sure what to say,
but i don’t want to go back to my old thoughts, because that doesn’t feel very good. I want to be purely sane and sound-minded.

It’s really you, yourself who’s the ultimate decider of your thoughts but i would say it’s very good that you want to be with the more positive outlook Dan. Personally Dan I don’t know if you want to uptake the same philosophy as me but the way I see things say are that most but not all humans are selfish and because of this I try to be as selfless as possible. Much human suffering has been caused by selfishness and so I try to motivate my self to be as selfless as I can be because of that. What I am saying to you to be precise is that you can try to look at the negative aspects of human nature. See the suffering it causes on them and vow not to be like that for both your and their sake. I may be wrong but perhaps you sometimes do feel mad. Being mad comes from wanting something for you. And not having it. You should try to look within yourself over time and understand what it is you want. And then stop wanting it but want it for others. This is true compassion and over a well time you can discover you have it too. :slight_smile:

I don’t feel mad, i’ll tell you what i feel.

First of all, it’s nice that you want to be as selfless as possible, reminds me of buddhist morality.

I am on two medications.
#1 - Citalopram, an antidepressant.
#2 - Olanzapine, an antipsychotic.

These two medications change how i feel and how i think.
The citalopram keeps me positive and happy. Instead of just giving me the feelings of happiness, it also makes the positive thoughts come out more.

The olanzapine balanaces my brain chemistry so that im in a constant state of equalibrium. I don’t get worked up at all, it’s hard for me to get emotionally upset or imbalanced. I feel so sane right now and i never want to loose that feeling.
For most of my life i’ve always been a little bit crazy for one reason or another, but i feel like that’s gone right now and that i don’t ever want it back.

Hey Dan~,

good to hear you doing allright.

As for your question, i don’t think people are inherently good or bad. It’s a bit of both probably, but a lot is left to be determined by circumstances, and those could be better i think.

Some organisations bring out the worst in people. In there you got to become hard and fent for yourself, being nice and naive will get you exploited pretty fast in my experience. It’s probably better not to get involved in these alltogheter.

And more generally, i think people would do better if they cared less about their status, and more about what really improves the quality of their own lives.

Wow. Cool, Dan~. I thought maybe that once you got to this point, your writing would decline, but it’s gotten even better. Maybe not as flashy, but better on balance. You have produced some of the most stunningly powerful philosophical expressions I have ever read.

I dunno Dan, I think it’s a mistake to put “species” into the same sentence as good, bad, and mistake. Though I just have of course.

The human species repeats certain behaviours again and again, this much would seem to be true. However, what is a mistake now, is only so in the light of current situations.

When no-one else is slashing and burning, then slashing and burning is a good idea. It’s only now that we’re running out of stuff to slash and burn that it’s become somewhat short-sighted.

Maybe at a species level, the concepts of good and bad, at least as we define them, become subsumed within, what works, and what doesn’t, afterall the children of atrocity-mongers, are children nevertheless, and most certainly outlast those children of the more… Ethical… parents-to-be who went to the wall before ever bumping gonads.

We’ve all got a murderer in our family tree.

You seem to be describing natural selection.
What works and what doesn’t, on the level of the instincts that control the behavior of various species.
I see natural selection differently.
I see nature selects things with the highest mathematical probability, good or bad, first.
Some darwinists say that the strongest survive. But i see it differently.

When i sit on the bus and go to town, all the people there mind their manners.
No one attacks me. They could say hi. They don’t want to pollute or destroy.
They’re just normal folks trying to live.
That’s very different from what some of the media portrays people as sometimes.
Sometimes people are protrayed as really cruel, just because of how well that sells.
I ain’t seeing it in real life scenerios, though.
I wonder how things like the slave trade ever existed.

I’m glad you can still find some value in what i write.

In certain ways i feel like im at my best ever.
I’m a little slower, im a bit older, but i feel completely free from delusions.
I believe tesla once said, that it’s quite possible for a mad man to have complex and deep thoughts,
but to have clear thoughts and a clear mind, is better.
I can’t quote that perfectly, but i believe i am feeling that now.
I’m cruising at a speed that wont crash.

In humanity, sometimes thoughtlessness is mistaken as cruel intentions.
I find allot of the time, it’s not that people want to do harm, it’s that certain kinds of people, aren’t prone to thinking things through before they act.
Not everybody is a philosopher. Allot of people just seem to naturally not have many thoughts.
I’ve met allot of people, and i ask them what have they been thinking about lately. They say, nothing, usually. Or some simple thing like finding a job. But nothing very complex or deep. Then i find these conspiracy theory guys who learn and read so much, but they get imbalanced and think that monsters are controlling the finest details of all society. That’s an example of a little bit of madness coming with their geneous.

Yes, that’s right. Though with the corollary of ‘selecting’ outcomes adding to the persistance of the pattern within a certain context. There is no nature of course, no selection. Probability and persistance alone are enough to ensure complexity, life.

They mind their manners because societies over a certain threshold of density only become such through the collective minding of manners.

Sure, who does…? But neither will the greater part of them ever be motivated overmuch to actively opposing pollution and destruction. Not pre-emptively. As with the murderer, we also are the children of cowards and procrastinators.

Quite the reverse, I would wonder if there never had been. And quite possibly, invent it. Another human is a resource like any other. Diversity of exploitations is always a characteristic of persistance.

I’m glad that you understand this key point.
This relates to the nature of existence.
This form of selection even effects the laws of nature.
The physics of energy. The forces of the universe. etc.

Energy must have been a pretty likely, common thing, because it’s theoretically what reality is mostly made of.
The mechanics are simple enough. Particles move around where-ever they are bumped towards. No thought required.
The universe to me is a system that seems to not require thought.
If reality was alive and thinking, it would probably be able to talk to people and express itself.
But it’s more like a dead machanistic process, i think.
All existence and life is seemingly based on these small, dead processes.
This might mean that existence has a very automatic, mathematical nature.

A fiction runs amok. In it’s wake devastation and confusion. This fiction kills, lies, steals, destroys and subgagates. It wants and desires the unnecessary. It has created nations and nationalities, religions and devastation of the planet, races of people and hate. This thing fears and fights for it life. The fictious self.

When I’m optimistic:


When I’m pessimistic:

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Looking at humans as a pedominant and effective animal species, I don’t like us very much.
I like Jonathan Swift’s take on this. He said he didn’t like the human race, but liked very much certain members of it.

As a kid, I felt that adults are utterly stupid, obsessed with sex, money, food, etc, and liars.
When I was young, I thought humans are junk machines. I mean, I didn’t think we were functioning up to the design spec.
Now, I don’t think of human, much, and even less in generic manner, unless I rad one of these posts.
I don’t feel the need for it.

I still think that most of humans are insane and moron, but well domesticated that we are generally harmless to each other (at least on the surface).
Also, I think one of the reason why we are so stupid is because we are not selfish enough.
And we can’t be selfish enough because we don’t know what we want (in our subconscious area).
When we do what we want, in the way we want, we are more likely to be satisfied.

Society is another name of “pig farm”, “mental clinic”, “fish pond”, in which we keep and domesticate each other, but especially the young and naive of the herd.
It’s to reduce the risk of morons using power tools like guns and SUVs, among other things.
And some of us use silly things like “religions” and any “ideologies” to reinforce the cheap fence to prevent the live stock from escaping.
We are so well domesticated that we rarely notice that the fence around us are not really preventing us from going anywhere. And some wild animals are talking the advantage of this, and coming in and going out of the farm land, freely.

But we don’t have to feel bad about these because I think the eco-system of the earth is insane and
also stars, galaxies, atoms and particles are silly enough to be always turning and spinning that it’s most probably very natural and normal for us to be stupid and malfunctioning. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Not much faith in the inherent “good” in people going around these days.

When I’m realistic:

Xun Zi?

Perhaps these are the type of human tenancies that Xun Zi spoke of ‘curbing’ by use of education and ritual practice. I read about how his views were seen as a counter to Mencius, implying that men are inherently “bad”. However, it seems to me that he stressed more of a disorganization than a malevolence in human nature. Thus, we find structure to help us get organized; and, ideally, get to a point like this:

That made me smile. :slight_smile:


Some things just are what they are, whether they seem logical or not. What seems absurd to us may be wholly natural at the same time. If that isn’t a good example of the human conundrum, I’m not sure what is.

I do not know if a “self” exists in any other thing. But while it manifests in the this dishomegeneous hodge podge of vegettable and other recycled material it prances around here like it is the most important thing that ever ever existed in whole the universe. But as it appears this thing, called self, is an anomolie. With the fear of not being, it can and willl destroy the human and the universe.

It’s just how you may feel a bored dog chasing own tail.
It’s crazy. It’s stupid.
But it’s just a perspective, and you may see it “how cuuuuute my dog is!” type of perspective, too.
And we are free to see anything in anyway, if we wanted, and especially if we can.

What seems to be “natural” to you depends on your preferred (or rigid fixated) set of perspective, too.
In my post, I was suggesting that if we take certain property we can widely observe in the universe as “natural”, we are natural because we are also insanely turning around certain things, like girls and girls and girls for … maybe Anon (sorry, I don’'t mean it. I mean I just used your name to make it a little more realistic for readers. :smiley:), and money and money and money for someone else, and so on.

So, I’d understand if someone thinks of everything (including the humanity) as “pretty”, “wild”, “crazy”, “damn”, “thing”, etc.

I like the points you make Nah. I think that approach of just accepting things and shifting perspectives is one excellent way of clarifying and therefore helping situations that are based on emotional fixations.