What's your view?

Ok, my intention isn’t to leave anyone out here but if I do, sorry.

I would like to know everyones greatest belief for or against theism or polytheism?

Keep it a fairly short answer please, and please only use one, that greatest one.

Mine is this universe, it doesn’t seem possible that chance could have made something this beautiful and this delicately structured…so I am a theist, like I said that’s not my only reason but for now it’s my greatest. If you want to debate this will do it after most people have had a chance to post their reason for or against.

I’m a thiest (now) and I actually do believe in Christ as an avatar.

I ain’t touching Christianity with a 10 foot pole though.

I guess my Agnotic tendency is based upon these two ideas:

1: For the CHristian Jesus and Faith come first
2: for the agnostic Life comes first. (literally)

The biggest argument I think that works against creationism is this:

Random things, especially when accruing, given immense time scales and having conditions that are only conducive to certain realized possibilities, yield order.

Ok…none of you have really answered my question correctly. While shinton I understand what you have to say but you’re talking about creationism, I’m talking about Theism or at least I thought I was. It’s a good argument, but then again shinton you have to ask, why would nothing create something? If it was infinity it would have been created and passed already by now am I right? Something had to be timeless, what sparked the first thing? Something has always existed, and if these things have always existed, why did they choose to go off at a certain point? And if that certain point such as infinity, like I said, it would already be over, we wouldn’t exist anymore right? If not explain please. This is also irrelevant to my question here I know.

Colinsign: What exactly do you mean here? You’re agnostic because you think life comes first and Christians don’t appreciate life? I can’t understand what you’re saying here, please explain. And when you do please explain why you don’t believe believe in a deity, or do, or don’t know. Because these two don’t help disprove or prove in the idea of a deity.

Well Old_Gobbo…that’s nice to know that your a theist…but I don’t think that’s what I was asking… I’m asking for the biggest reason you’ve taken a stance one way or another. I’m not sure what the Christian life has to do relating to my question…

I have one for you,

I am That I am.

I am Everything and Nothing. I beleive in all and yet nothing. I am all and yet nothing.

I have said everything, and yet been silent.

No…, your just contradictory and can’t spell believe correctly. If you’re going to post please answer the question instead of being irrelevant.

Christianthinker started a thread similar to this where he asked atheists to explain themselves:

ilovephilosophy.com/phpbb/vi … sc&start=0

Some interesting replies there, relevant to your question. Including my own.

Given an infinite amount of time, all possibilities happen. I’m not sure how long each of those possibilities lasts or even if that is a valid question.

Theism is like an unsharpened pencil…pointless.

either you’re trying to add to shinton’s last post or you have just made yet another comment that you didn’t back up. (for atheists, I think the count is up to about 100 by now…, not just the ones you make, I’m talking overall)

anyway, shinton, you have become desperate. even science has proven that something cannot come from nothing. you should know that. also, relying on chance is absolutely ridiculous, no matter how long it’s been - it’s still one moment in time, and the chances are the same at that instant - impossible. in fact, two mahtematicians have tried calculating the probability of that actually happening, and even they concluded that it was impossible.

Yeah and I’m still not gettin any answers from any side of a theistic viewpoint.

I will state the question again, maybe it’s too hard to grasp though so I’ll put it in easier terms to understand.

What is everyone’s ‘main’, ‘most’, highest percentaged, reason for not believing in God or Gods, OR believing in God or Gods?

Your original question was poorly framed and worded. I feel that’s why you haven’t gotten the answers you were expecting. Now that you’ve clarified it, my reasons are many but the cheif one is simple: I just don’t believe. Probably for the same reason you do. Perhaps even if I would really like to talk myself into being Christian there’s just no prima facie case that appeals to my head or heart.

I’ve spent years debating and discussing religion. I’ve done so here. But lately I weary of it; Deists and Theists rarely present any novel or compelling arguements (although Uccisore is a worthy opponent :slight_smile: ). Even beyond that, though, I’ve begun to feel that religion lies beyond reason and logic. There’s really no logical defense of it, but by the same token there’s no logical attack that applies to it that doens’t equally apply to Santa or the Tooth Fairy.

Most believers simply believe. Many atheists are atheists not because we want to tear down the social order but simply becuase we don’t find the existance of a supernatural creator plausible.

You see desperation where none exists.

Recheck your science books. I’d reccomend you read about energy states and quantum fluctuations.

Well really, you should know that, but it is apparent you don’t.

You’re begging the question.

Impossible? Odds are time based. Given a sufficient amount of time in theory they even out. Given a really long time where more possibilities can occur–like billions of years, and you’ve entered a new game.

Two mathematicians?? Say it isn’t so! I know at least two atheists who have decided the idea of God is impossible. I guess it must be.

I’m not sure how you can compare a argument with God and santa or the tooth fairy, we have logical proof that if you set around and did the specific task in which they were created to do they would not complete them. Horrible analogy if you were trying to give one.

But if your answer is because you don’t find the existence of a supernatural creator plausible that’s fine, but then again maybe you need to have a reason for that.

And you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

So you don’t or do believe in God because I made an error in spelling “you’re” wrong? How does this work? Please explain.

I’d say the analogy is airtight. There’s no evidence of any three of those entities (none that I find genuine, at any rate- YMMV) nor is there any reason to suppose them more than superstitions. Attempts to prove or disprove (g)od/s are masterbatory and pointless. Besides, if there was a shred of evidence of a Creator, why would faith be necessary? Proof is pointless to a believer.

No, I certainly do not! The lack of belief is the reason- you confuse the cause with the effect. There are myriad “reasons” by which I conjecture that your idea of God is unlikely, but I don’t really need to resort to any of them. I simply DO NOT BELIEVE! I don’t think I could gaslight myself into believing, either. Moreover, why would I want to? To me that’s like being cured of a fatal disease, then trying to become infected with it again.

If I’m not trying to convince you not to believe, why would I need to furnish any reason? I only mentioned it to you because you asked specifially.

BTW, are you a cosmologist?

You say there isn’t any evidence because it’s all based on your perspective, I could say this earth is evidence. My point was we do have evidence against what santa and the tooth fairy claim to do, they don’t complete, so that disproves them, you can’t change their characteristics however or they cease to be themselves. I’m not sure how this is so airtight now…

So you don’t believe because you just don’t…wouldn’t that be blind faith against…? That is if you don’t have any other reason?..

I could be wrong however here again, if I am please explain why.