When did you lose your virginity?

When Did you lose your Virginity?

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I lost it at 14.

19 and still going.

I am one of the few that still holds sex after marriage. I don’t know if I will hold that to the bone, but it will not be casual sex for me.

That said Second Base, many many ladies and I have enjoyed a good time together.


I had met her for the first time after school. My friend hooked me up with a friend of a friend. That was her. We mobbed to my house. she asked to see my bedroom. I knew it was on…need i say more?

I never lost it. I decided to give it away.

And with that, Xander makes the thread his own.

Ya, i gave it too her i too, real good.

I believe in sex after marriage, of course, I believe in sex before marriage, too! (I was 14)