'When we try to control others it is s signpost...

Over the years I have run into many people that would like to control me.

Some say my posts are too long, others tell me I have no right to exist at all.

Recently one person told me the type I was using was too large. (I’m 54…so eyesight is going downhill.)

Others tell me I do not use ‘I’ enough.

Then the opposite group writes me that tell me I am an egomaniac because my posts contain too many 'I’s"

I am not bound by such prejudice that these people exhibit.

When they let the ‘length’ of a post or ‘type’ size I use disturb them it says it all about their state of inner peace…nil.

When we try to control others it is s signpost of our own dis-ease.

If I see a post I do not like…I just go onto the next one.

Whenever we get upset with others, it is good to look at things in perspective of the 3 laws that govern us.

All humans answer to:

Man made law

Natural law

Divine law (for those that believe in the spiritual realm**)

Always remember, if a person’s actions do not violate any of these laws, then it becomes more of a ‘subjective question’ of violation.

When likes and dislikes of actions become subjective, then, making demands on others without a firm foundation in the laws bases our decision in our ego.

As such, the general rule is:

Persons should seek to please themselves with their actions first before they please the ego’s of others.

**for further discussion about spiritual or divine laws that govern us see:

‘Every Atheist Serves Two Gods’ at:

jesusneverexisted.org/jne/forum/ … opic=342.0

Take Care,

V (Male)

Agnostic Freethinker
Practical Philosopher

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Your post, it’s just… not right!


All man made laws are subjective

Yeah, i was in an irc channel once and pinged the channel twice. for someone else in the channel that’s just two extra lines on the screen. and someone said please stop doing that. what’s the big deal? two lines. it’s like people are so wound up they have 0 tolerance for anything.