When weariness encroaches, Strip me of this reality

tensions and obsessions
flee free
when weariness

ends do not exist
but instead
a brief pause

will I be tense or obsessed?

sleep conquer my mind
relieve my body of its stress

Please let this be but a test
but both mind and body know
it is everlasting

never will there be a conclusion

so strip me of this reality

so that I may lay down
in yours

God Kristalyn! That is beautiful! I appreciate your contributions to this forum. Stuff is little read here. I was running some stats last night and creative wrinting has fewer posts per forum than any other forum. I think that’s a shame because true art resides here. Here one can rest in a tranquil World where only the heart and mind rest secure. Keep holy your highest hope.


I just wanted to say that this is truly a beautiful work. My compliments :slight_smile: