When will China become a democracy country?

all of us hope China can be a democracy country so people cross the strait enjoy peace and freedom like people in Taiwan, and all of us become Chinese live in one country. People in Taiwan share their technology and people in China share their natural resource and together we can become superpower. and Chinese could be more polite be respectful and learn how to respect others.

Is that possible? I have heard many people said that since people have enough to eat they will start to ask freedom and spiritual stuff.

My question is: when? and how come Chinese can endure corrupt officers everywhere and have no freedom?? I would rather kill myself if I had no freedom and I would protest right away if the government is so rotten.

There are very less chances that China would ever become a democracy. Neither Chinese establishments wants it nor those MNC’s who have invested heavily there. Democracy will serve no purpose to either of those.

with love,

Would you mind giving evidence, Zinnat?

First of all we have to know (a) what “democracy” really means, (b) whether there is a real democracy or not, and, if so, (ba) to which degree, and (bb) why. You think there is a real democracy in Europe and North America? In Europe the European Union dictates and is not elected by the European people. The national governments in Europe have nearly nothing to say because they are the diener (servants) of the European Union which serves the globalists. Merely 10% of the political decisions in Europe come from the national governments, thus 90% of the political decisions come from the government of the Eurpean Union, thus from the globalists. Do you call that “democracy”?