When Will The Global Economic Collapse Begin?

When Do You Think The Global Economic Collapse Will Take Place?

  • End of 2012
  • 2013 Mid Year
  • 2015
  • 2018
  • 2022
  • Never. World War III will bail us out.
  • Other.
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When will the global economic collapse begin? Please participate in the poll and discuss within this thread.

I have chosen 2015 as the conservative collapse date but I also acknowledge that it could very well happen at the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

In case you did not know a global economic collapse is underway where if you didn’t that only means you have not been paying attention to current global events. Enjoy.

Rumor has it in the market world [or lack of a functioning market] that a derivative or bond crash is well on it’s way. This also translates into the death of the petro dollar.

So, please enjoy the global party while it lasts because soon everybody is going to wake up with one hell of a hangover.

Did I mention that people who have taken advantage of others and the world around them is about to come to an end where their entire way of life will be destroyed? That about covers it.

Wars are unpredictable, World Wars even more so.

I say other… man is just smart enough to ensure that a global collapse is avoided.

Global economic collapse is part of the plan.

The goal is global government post collapse where killing off large population segments of the world by the elite is a added bonus in lowering human numbers from the chaos.

You have a misplaced faith in humanity and authority.

Not at all… they know what they are doing, insofar as to ensure a stealth-like recovery when they have achieved what they set out to do (more control over the world and it’s resources)

…I don’t have faith in anyone but myself JLW, for we are all in a giant game of Monopoly albeit unwillingly…

The futures uncertain and the End is always near. O:)

when you advance past GO please collect your death certificate from the Firing Squad. O:)

My understanding is that there will be a collapse where temporarily there will be global chaos, anarchy, and civil war. Eventually the elite and leftovers of government will try to switch to the gold standard once more where since they just so happen to already own most of it they will try to enslave everybody through gold ushering in the new world order with the commencing of global government.

It will be completely totalitarian and many will be killed.

Like so many have said before we are nothing but rats in a cage to the global elites.

… as opposed to those partly totalitarian government we’ve been hearing so much about.

Either a government is totalitarian, or it isn’t. The answer in every historical and present day case is that it isn’t.

Beyond the posts of pests I imagine the future will be where government, military, and science converge together in creating a more gruesome totalitarian state than what we already have now.

In the future the goal of government is to control the human mind entirely aided by science and authoritarian technology which will usher in a new kind of slavery never known before.

The future is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and everybody will become medicated.

Dont forget to take your ADD and anxiety medication. :banana-linedance:


Everyone already is medicated. If you take the total population and exclude those who regularly smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, then exclude those who drink coffee all day every day, then take off those on prescription drugs, then take off those on illegal drugs, you’re left with a very, very small number of people. If any. Particularly if you add junk food to the link of medications.