when you eat curry do you start to smell like it?

because i smell like curry and i wanted to know if it was just in my head?

It’s probably still on your breath, and that’s why you can smell it.


Hello F(r)iends,

What you are smelling is shit…
It would help if you got your head out of your ass.


It’s like the old test, breathe out into your hands and then sniff to smell your breath. You realise after a while that your breath is fine but your hand stinks…


Actually if you eat curry and then -sweat- it will eminate from your pores.

This is why many east indians smell like curry consistantly (but not constantly)… because if you eat it on a regular basis, then it’s just bound to come out… everyone sweats to one degree or another.

This is true of several other substances… heh, liquor is definately one of those, but there are others.

I do remember reading that (bit of advice for the gentlemen in the audience) curry makes your ejaculate taste less pleasant, and that orange juice and celery is the way forward.

I’m tempted to write to the BBC and suggest a programme idea wherein this claim can be tested. If they’ll make a reality TV show where the task is for two strangers to have sex and try to conceive a baby then I reckon that my idea is a sure thing…