Where can I find...

I’ve been having a hard time dealing with some insurance companies and their policies, and was wondering whether anyone on ILP knew where I could find the kind of resources that they fluently use (stats, graphs…etc) and if they don’t officially exist; do insurance companies produce their own sources…?

I am fairly certain that many insurance companies use their own sources of data and keep them confidential.

that’s what i thought…but how does that work legally?

The corporation that owns the insurance company owns the records and is under contract from its customers not to give out confidential information, which includes how their information is gathered, kept, stored, measured, etc.

:astonished: no way…so if they gave me the monthly cost, i don’t have the rights to any of the sources they used to evaluate the amount i should pay? using what you said…what right do they have to decide how much i should be charged when the information they use concerned other individuals…kinda cool, thanks to corporations, my experiences can bankrupt other individuals.

Well, let me say that whoever controls the data is under the contract you sign when you apply for insurance…

I’m not sure of the exact details of the customer ownership versus the corporate ownership, but I’m fairly sure that the company actually controls the data that the customer provides.

hmm…well thanks real, i’ll see what else i can find out.