Where does morality come from and what can change it?

I was just wondering what people think the source of a persons morality was.

I personally think morality is compromised of the beliefs people pick up from various people and situations. A kind of hierarchy of, yet to be, behavioural traits which are acted upon or compromised relative to the current environment in which a person finds themselves.

In that sense would morality be culturally relative? or evolve with the times?

Religious beliefs, social beliefs, beliefs instilled when people are still young children, personal enlightenment through life experience, etc. I think the list is pretty long.

If morality is this collection of beliefs people develop over thier life, can there be any universal moral law? Is morality anything more than a momentary ideal that is shared by the majority of people in an area and changes over the ages with the culture in which those people find themselves?

The source of a person’s (from Latin: persona, actor’s mask, dis-guise) morality is necessarily his social Script.

The source of a human being’s morality is, with equal immediacy, human being.

Review this comedy at your leisure, here they are: great human beings, saints of moral fortitude, and yet what terrible immoral persons they all are! Incapable or unwilling to deliver even the simplest of lines by the Script.

So a bird might sing a beautiful trill on its own, granted to it by nature herself without any particular expectation of success in performance, but even with daily torture you will be hard pressed to make your bird properly trill “Happy Birthday” to Grandma on the agreeable date.


So, Satyr subsides and WL re-emerges. Fascinating.

What happened? You don’t write, you don’t call, what’s a friend supposed to think?

Have you finally worked the kinks out of your strong AI?

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Yeah well, I grew up as a PK (Pastor’s kid) and was taught the religious brand of morality. Since then I have learned to use my own mind - though I had to survive a nervous breakdown of sorts ( as does any human who manages to give their belief system an overhaul) and now I am what some might refer to as amoral (don’t quite enjoy any labels myself). Anyway, I believe morals stem from fear. If one can learn to embrace humankind without allowing their fears to control them or manipulate others, if we could just learn not to judge or harm others all would be well. Yes, another label I guess - libertarianism.