Where has my love-peanut gone?

Whence did she come?
Whither did she go?
Why is there a peanut
Lying in the snow?

Did I love her too little?
Did I love her too much?
Her head was like a peanut:
Hard to the touch.

Should I have slowed things?
Should I have rushed?
Alas, like a peanut,
My love life is crushed.


O the tiny peanut of your love!

What a sweet love poem!
Comic…beautiful…and forlorn

Cute. I like it.

A peanut sat on a railway track
Its heart was all a flutter…

SIATD, it’s really none of my business, but why would you choose that as your avatar?

Did you lose a bet or something?

No, I won the bet. :smiley:


Ah ChimneySweep, this is lovely.


Glad y’all like it, peeps. It’s one of my better ones (most of mine, with hindsight, are poor).

Here’s my elaboration on that other peanut poem (which I hadn’t seen before):

A peanut sat on a railway track,
Its heart was all a flutter.
A cow walked on to the railway track,
And now it’s turned to butter.


Osama Bin Skippy… NOOOOOOOOO!!!

To find a gem in a peanut - only a poet can do. Yates and his penny, Chimney and his peanut. I like it.

tyvm, Underground.