Where Is Big Money Being Made?

money money money
I will mention a couple and we can discuss-----

  1. Military hardware and munitions…
  2. Drugs----lipitor and nexium and plavix and abilify and----

Are derivatives still available on the stock market?

You want to jump on the ‘gravy train,’ turtle? Gots ta have lots of the green to make it big in the stock market–it’s the ultimate in gambling. Are you willing to take it on as that?–Do you have that much disposable income? Possibly, but I don’t think so.

Seriousness aside.

Military hardware and munitions may be the biggest industry in the US–We supply the world. Does the armament industry, through our government, foment war in order to keep the industry alive? I don’t think so, but I’m always open to being proven wrong.

The pharms may be our second biggest industry–Why? Do we believe the advertising when it says, “Talk to you doctor about whether or not Lipitor is ‘right’ for you.” every time we have chest pain? Do we insist on the ‘latest’ and ‘best’ drugs, diagnostic tests–‘health care’ because, as Americans, we deserve only the ‘best,’ or is the ‘best’ reserved for the people who can afford it.

“Oh, but I have insurance! I don’t need to personally be able to afford the best–my insurance will take care of it all.” Lucky, lucky you! You’ve won that game, as well, and you did it without having to think about the millions who can’t afford to buy into an insurance program–the millions whose health care relies on Medicare and Medicaid, the millions who struggle and worry over how to spend what they have to spend in the best way possible.

You’ve obviously hit a nerve with me.–You’ve ‘pushed’ the right button.

If you want to stop people gambling, come up with something better than the American version of Capitalism–admit that it favors the rich–admit that there’s no ‘free market’ competition that keeps production up and prices down.–admit that everyone is mainly interested in ‘making big bucks’–the ‘greatest return’ on their investments–and will do whatever they can to ensure that.

If you want any more information–and it’s up to you to decide it’s veracity-- read Money Driven Medicine by Maggie Maher, then go to seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/l … al31m.html and decide what’s really going on in health care today.


The Biggest money is being made in Making Money.

You literally make money by two associated processes;

  1. Literally print notes that indicate ownership
  2. Increase the perception of its need.

Then of course, you loan it out - BANKING.

very interesting comments…it seems when big money is being made people will lie, cheat, and steal to keep the gravy train going…i hate what is going on with the pharms…and the sickness industry is looking for ways to make more money with little concern for the consequences on human health…and bailing out the banks after such gambling behavior…

Before you get all hateful at the pharmaceutical companies, realize that both they and the automobile companies have openly stated that they do what they do ONLY because the government is NOT enforcing the laws it already had in place and thus they have to take every advantage else be crushed by those who do. I watched a video from a pharmaceutical corporate manager who stated that their products would not be needed at all if people would merely eat properly. He stated that government already has laws in place to prevent them and their competitors from producing malicious drugs, but such laws are being ignored so as to allow the government to gain even more power to control more than those laws already allowed.

The evil of big corporations exists only because the government inspires them for sake of the eventual much greater government control to be gained. Health care is a perfect example, “because things are so bad, you really NEED to let US take over.” Never mind that the only reason they are bad is because they didn’t enforce the laws they already had.

In addition, it is illegal for a corporation to NOT seek highest profit. In other words, for the corporation to actually be humanitarian is against government policy because it is by their greed that the government satisfies its own greed.

The Devil is hardly going to tolerate a demon being loving.

Turtle, did you read my link? The spokesperson for the hospital is very open about the type of patients the hospital hopes to attract.

yes i read your link liz…interesting…healthcare
is now business…the professional part is ???
i guess when you are in business you go where the money is and you please those that have the bucks…

“Health Care” has been a big business for quite some time, now. Why do you think the President wants/wanted health care “reform” and why do you think his opposition didn’t want reform.

The ‘professional’ part of health care isn’t the health care providers–it’s the business. The health care providers oftentimes go along with the business ‘professionals’ through their lobbyists–the AMA. My question is, “Why?” My answer is because they must. They’re giving in to patient demand. If they don’t, they’ll lose patients!

An example: a small child swallows a penny. The old-fashioned doctor says, "Feed the child a piece of bread (which will activate the muscles and acids in the upper alimentary canal and push the penny through until it’s excreted.) The Modern doctor, possibly noting the hysterical mother, could say, “We need multiple x-rays, and possibly an MRI to follow the progress of the penny. If we decide to surgically remove the penny, we’ll let you know shortly. In the meantime, we’re going to do some tests to see if your child is reacting to the metals in the penny and/or if he may react to the various germs on the penny when he swallowed it.” Which doctor do you think the parents will trust the most?

The same is true with the pharms. The old-fashioned doctor could say, “I’m not sure what the cause of your pain is, but I’ve found aspirin helps in most cases I’ve seen.” He says that because that’s been his experience as a diagnostician. But an aspirin isn’t what the patient wants–it somehow denigrates his very real pain–so he goes to another doctor who orders tests, an MRI, and so forth–finally saying, “We can’t determine the cause of your pain, but I’ll give you a script for the newest and best medicine on the market today. Let me know how it works for you.”

Let’s go on to the Health Insurance business–where the really big bucks are made. Insurance means that your money goes into a pool that’s drawn on by other members of the pool as their needs arise. As more and more people draw from the pool to get the ‘latest’ and the ‘greatest’ in health care, the cost of coverage goes up. Since there’s no real competition within the health care industry and no way to regulate cost through competition, we’re all going to pay more and more, With health, there’s no such thing as “whatever the market will bear.”

I could go on about the dangers of processed food, the need for healthy diets and so on. But I won’t. We live in a chemical world–I can’t see how we’re going to get out of that as either a nation or a world.

But doesn’t that mean a circular pattern being somehow forced on us?