where is IMP when I really need him?

After several days on vacation, I have been slowly reaching a conclusion, I really
don’t want to face, but given the reality of what I see, I can’t seem to avoid.

We in America are facing the real possibility of a civil war. Funny enough,
If I may say so, the battle lines are almost the same as the first civil war, the south being home
to a regional party, the GOP, and the north being democratic. Even the arguments
seem to arise from similar points, the place of man in society.
the key point of the first war was slavery, the second, slavery of a different
type, the worker in a business. The GOP clearly has no respect of any kind for
the worker, you know, the one who actually does the work in any business.

I see the south/GOP has being the ones who will fire the first shots, just as they
did in the first war and in fact, in some sense that already have, as gov. Perry
of Texas has already suggested Texas succeed from the union.
Which is the second part which is a feeling that the both Souths
had, which is the states rights vs federal rights issue. The southerners often
complain about federal interference in their lives and they wish to be free
of such interference. It seems to me that they want the benefits of
union without the responsibility.

The stalemate of today is strongly reminiscent of the stalemate before the
civil war. How this will break, I cannot say, but it will not be pretty.



Peter, I would suggest that you try not to take vacations, then. It clearly doesn’t suit you.

Yes. Forward all your travel plans, plane tickets, and hotel booking numbers to me and I’ll take care of the vacation stuff for ya. You stay here and think about the election.