Where is Joker?

Where is Joker?

  • In jail?
  • Celebrating the consumerist Christmas?
  • Hiding in the forest from the hoards of moralists who’ve sprung from the woodwork for the holiday season?
  • Other. (explain)
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Where is Joker?

I’ve been wanting to ask this too. I’m guessing jail. Has he been around since his birthday? Maybe he engaged in some drunken debauchery and landed himself in the slammer.

Maybe he finally became the isolationist/survivalist he’s wanted to become.

I knew he was about to turn 21, but had he yet? I don’t think he’s had enough time to recover from the holidays and make it into isolation. I have a feeling he’ll show back up. Jail is probably the strongest possibility, but I’d like to think he made it someplace to evade those moralists before they could get to him.

He turns 21 sometime in January: as he had 4 weeks to go in December, according to his ‘Joker’s birthday’ post - I reckon he’s shagging the female who is helping him write his book :wink: I betcha!

…I’ve been thinking about this too, you see :slight_smile:

Is he shagging you?! :astonished:

anyways, it’d be rather hard for him to be: me being in London and him being in midwest USA, n’all!

Don’t you remember he mentioned that some lit uni-student was helping him write his book, and that was like one of his last posts - I remember thinking 'I know what’s gonna evolve from that lil collaboration :sunglasses:

I was only kidding…but now that you mention it I do remember him saying something about that.

Oh my gosh…what if he comes back and he’s not a nihilist anymore? I’m not sure if I’d want that to happen or not.

…it just wouldn’t be the same without Joker as we know him :cry:

but the odds are stacked way in our favour, against a person moving so far along, on the spectrum of nihilism :slight_smile: and, once again: all is right with the world!

I don’t know where Joker is…
But I bet next christmas, I’ll probably be hiding in the mountains somewhere though.

Why do you wanna be hiding in the woods?

I believe he either hocked his computer or lost his library card so as to not have internet access.

Just kidding Joker. :wink:

He must’ve gotten some awesome christmas presents that he’s too busy playing with to make it to the library.

I’m starting to miss the guy :frowning:

That makes two of us. :frowning: Well if he ever reads this he will get a boost.

Three people miss him.

Me being the third, of course.

Probably fell on his own sword. :-"

Maybe his computer’s fucked or he didn’t pay his internet account. It could be as simple as that.

Or maybe they’re all driving him batty. Who knows.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: =D> :-$ :evilfun:

The computer station here at the university was closed for awhile so I have been slacking around drinking liqour watching movies at my house. :stuck_out_tongue:

( Library was closed for Christmas break. )

Then there was my occasional camping expiditions into the wilderness for several weeks hunting deer and rabbit in the snow.