Where is the humor in religion?

Where is the humor in religion? Is humor the only trait that separates us humans from the other species here on Earth? Is laughter found in the bible somewhere? Can one be happy and never laugh? By Christian theology is laughter a sin. Is laughter/ humor a part of joy? Will there be laughter in your heaven? Is intelligence a requirement to have humor or is it the other way around? Why do we laugh? What are the causes of laughter and are they sinful. Do the deities you worship laugh? Is your heaven really heaven without laughter? Was laughter a gift from you god or his nemesis? And where does the term Fun come in to play, in the afterlife that most religious peoples spend their entire life trying to gain access to? Is fun outlawed up there? Please share you thoughts and or your humor with me.

Some might say that the humor is in watching all those sinners go to hell.

Others might say the entire concept of religion is a joke.

Some might have a book of god jokes. Like how many gods does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer of course being something like “there’s only one god you pagan now off to hell with you!”.

How can you not find all this hilarious?

Have you ever read an entire thread in the religion forum? You don’t think that shit is funny???

The Father Ted TV show was great.
I love this bit where the two priests are discussing the afterlife:

Hopefully Jayson won’t be too heavy-handed in this thread.

Christianity is just deadpan slapstick.



IMHO Celine Dion should have been left out.

you should check out the whole Mr. Deity series, they’re really good.

There’s a good joke in John written if you were back in that era-ish:
“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. - John1:46

I am getting more than just a little tired of this very specific [size=150]Christian [/size]slamming crap void of anything comparable.
I very seriously, [size=150]VERY FUCKING SERIOUSLY[/size], fail to see the HUMOR in such extreme prejudice toward one particular religion that you guys seem to know almost nothing about other than propaganda rumors that you quite intentionally promote despite their blatant misrepresentation while presuming other religions to be just fine and “oppressed”.

I am not a Christian by my definition of being a Christian, but I am also not a prejudice fucking asshole.

^^^Jeez, no sense of humour… :wink:


it seems to me as though being offended is a sure sign that ur wrong.

Oh really?

Look at how dum dem Christuns are. Ain’t dey funny!

It’s just humor right?

Look at how dumb dem Nigers are. Ain’t dey funny!


If you want to laugh at EVERYONE, have at it. There is plenty of humor to go around.
But when you so obviously pick at one particular religious group, you are NOT merely laughing.

Christianity IS prejudiced. The fucking epitome. Christians aren’t merely prejudiced themselves, they believe GOD is prejudice, and many of them believe he’s so prejudiced that he prepared a place for the eternal torture of people not in his in-group of religion. Not even HITLER, the KING of prejudice, was that fucking prejudiced. He just killed the Jews, he didn’t try to torture them for eternity!

So I don’t see what’s wrong. You’re prejudiced against our prejudice, but we’re prejudiced against its prejudice…so we’re really just doing the same thing as each other, you and the mockers in this thread.

Lighten up buddy :wink: Religion’s funny!


It is the JEWS that believe in and create eternal torture, you moron.
Jesus stood up to STOP it.
Gyad, get a little education to go along with your attitude.

jews? i never heard a jew talk about hell. only christians. gyad.

Some Christians are prejudiced.
Some Buddhists are prejudiced.
Some Muslims are prejudiced.
Some Jews are prejudiced.
Some atheists are prejudiced.

Singling out one religion is just nonsense.


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