Where is true happiness hiding?

We can remember many things,
but we can only focus on a few at a time.

When we are happy,
it is because of
our focus on the good that we are experiencing in that moment.

I feel happy,
most often.

I don’t know where it’s hiding, but I know with whom - its twin, sadness.

Obviously happines does not exist by itself, seul, so it hides in our mind.

It’s a principle of unity and struggle of opposite things. Happines is impossible without sadness and vice versa. More to that, these two feelings complete each other. I can’t even say what I like better: happiness or sadness.

… Okay, dramatics, where have I seen this before?
Oh, your media, and your wonderful culture.
Okay, I guess that is “good”?

And I suppose the pain neurves getting cut on your arm with a knife also inable joy and true bliss the next day?

But if most of the people at ILP have opinions and beliefs based on bullshit, I’m not going to be exactly surprised.


Happiness is the abscence of tension, or anxiety. Absolute happiness is possible only when one is dead. Cutting one’s arm will surely bring him closer to death, so it will bring him closer to happiness. :smiley:

You’re joking?

No, just smiling.

True happiness? Its in my pants…
I would elaborate further, but… Its Just more fun to leave people to simple science of life… ::Shrugs…::

I dont really believe in this idea…But its fun to question.

Happpiness? I’m pretty sure it’s in Akron, Ohio.


Monkey man, take my word for it, there is no happiness to be found in Ohio - anywhere.

Ohio is one of several states in the U.S.A., that could be eradicated, to the benefit of the mean intellectual ratio of the country itself. As a matter of fact, my best estimation is that there are more teeth in Ohio than points of intellect, and that really says something.


Dan is happy because he lives in a cubic delusion, where even subjective attachment to reality is questionable, at best.

Happiness doesn’t exist, unless you construct it.

I remember back in the Lego days… oh the happiness I used to construct.

There you have it, positive affirmation of truth. Wisened old monkey man, your work is done here, you may go in peace.

What was once the learner, is now the master. LOL.


Pure happiness is a lie. Even in childhood, we find moments when we’re terrified of the monster in the closet, (or more Freudian things…)

The most we can hope for is some kind of transcendence…